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  1. Yeah, Half Moon Run sound unreal live. Saw them at the Winspear centre a few years back and was blown away at how good they were. Radio and CD definitely don't do them justice.
  2. Why do people feel the need to come on here and goad everyone? Just stop. Everyone on here has their own storey and their own opinion. We all are or once were huge fans. Some of us will continue supporting his music going forward and some of us won't. Maybe be thankful that you actually have ZERO idea of what it's really like on the other end. And maybe try and have some empathy and compassion for people that have been through something, big or small its theirs and has affected them negatively. Just because it didnt happen to you or you dont know someone who was doesn't mean it's
  3. Hi everyone, I'm still reeling from this news so excuse me if this seems jumbled. I appreciate most everyone being civil on here. The fan group on Facebook that closed down the other day became extremely toxic and personally triggered my past that I didn't want to ever think about. Hayley's IG post could've been written by me about my past relationship (not with Matt), so I absolutely understand and believe her. For someone to say on this forum that he is far from a horrible person is just wrong, plain and simple. Someone doesn't have to do something technically illegal to be a deplorable huma
  4. Haven't seen anything up on eBay yet, will keep checking though! :)
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