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  1. so how long can a show called 'prison break' last? there are only so many episodes to see attempts of actually getting out...watch 24, bauer knows how to incite a prison riot and hatch an escape in the matter of minutes. genius
  2. american dad...some laughs, but it ruins family guy
  3. the characters and original films get ruined when old guys try to fill the place of their younger shell...no thanks
  4. Despite an unhealthy obsession of doing GOB impersonations and watching the episodes on dvd, i'm waiting for the season 3 dvd, even though i'll have to wait for fall 2006, i hate commercials, and no im not getting a tevo.
  5. 'the ingenuity gap'-Thomas Homer-Dixon and 'the coming anarchy'-Robert Kaplan
  6. I haven't heard of anyone not liking it, who has seen it of course...schwimmers in it, come on.
  7. Scrubs is a great show and am glad that it has stayed on for as long as it has...much on the same lines as Arrested Development, great show, great writing, but you're never sure if it'll be on next season.
  8. Quite possibly one of the best shows on TV right now...highly recommend the DVD's.
  9. since b.b. was kicked off in season one, everything has gone downhill.
  10. they are completely different albums. buy both, you will not regret it
  11. kevin


    great song, time to see what comes of this "side project"
  12. well if he has the looks and talent, there is little that could've prevented the album
  13. kevin

    The Who Cover

    its worth the money. its MG
  14. kevin

    Liquid Tension

    i may have, but it seemed fitting
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