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  1. You aren't wrong. ;) Love your quote about the Cabbage Patch doll.
  2. I think you're 19 days too late to be making snide comments. Nice to hear that there is new merch, as anticipated.
  3. They were probably smart before they started doing drugs. *shrug* I'm not bragging for him, he can do that himself at age 53. But I am saying that he's a reputable source on dream psych, if not just to explain it rather than to interpret it.
  4. Although there are citations, I take anything on wikipedia with a grain of salt, as practically anyone's interpretation of data can be proven by snippets of quotations. Some of her resume is up to interpretation, as well. Maybe not any of what you said, but some of the plans and stuff she says she came up with.. it's totally like Ted Kennedy and some other dudes. I can see that she feels very strongly about the rights of children (I want that Hillary! Intelligent and with well-formulated, passionate views) too, but I've obviously got my qualms with her for other reasons. And I've seen that Oba
  5. That movie is win! The little girl is so cute... "kitty!"
  6. Oh man, no, but I used to watch Due South. ;) Movies---->life? I'd like to think that nothing like that will ever happen because it's been outlined in a movie, but maybe someone stupid will come along and the U.S. will snatch up all your water!
  7. I know what you mean, but like you said, the richest people control the country. That's why only a million Prius' have been sold. There just isn't a big profit in things that don't rely on oil; you take a big loss, in fact. But yeah, I wrote to my reps and urged them not to dig in ANWAR, but they just wrote back saying "stfu we don't care," as per usual.
  8. I like that there's a lot of the HM songs on there, but I would have liked some more old things, too, as this will be my first MG concert. I'm digging that "So Long Mrs. Smith" is on there, but it's disappointing that "The Rat Who Would be King" is being taken off. It also looks like "If I was a Tidal Wave" is the only new demo to be played. Hopefully he whips up some surprises.
  9. I don't really like it either. In fact, I like Violet Hill better than Viva la Vida.
  10. For me, Daleks aren't too scary. Cybermen, on the other hand, make me want to do the "behind the couch" shuffle. Yep, it's tongue-in-cheek, at least for me. For the most part none of the episodes are all that serious. It's just weird science fiction crap mushed together. You're allowed to cringe; even I do sometimes. ;)
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