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  1. A claro is a brass instrument. That's all I got.
  2. Ah, well that would explain it then. I haven't heard the demos, so I can only go by the finished product. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much the finished versions deviate from the demos. "Shallow's Low" is a great song but the brass crescendo just ruins it for me. Does anybody know if the brass was live or was it taken from garageband? Maybe it's because I'm cognizant of Matt's usage of garageband on the previous two records that everything sounds like it came from a jam pack now; even the drums, although I'm quite sure that they were live drums.
  3. I hate to have to disagree, but I must. I've listened to the album a few times now and, while it has grown on me, I cannot help feeling that some of the orchestration doesn't fit. "Shallows Low" is easily my favourite cut from the record but it is almost completely ruined when the brass kicks in. It sounded lame and unnecessary. I was the same way when I bought the jam packs for Garageband. Every song I recorded had to have strings, brass, piano etc. but obviously I quickly realised that it isn't needed for every song. To me, every song sounds as though there was too much thought put into it. I can fully appreciate Matt trying something new and the new sound is great for him and I will, of course, be catching him on tour but I can't reconcile the amount of brass that is on this record. I daresay I won't be listening to "Zero Orchestra" any time soon. I played it for my girlfriend last night (the person who introduced me to Matt) and she thought it was a joke track. Seriously. I don't hate the album, far from it, I suppose I didn't know what to expect with this CD. My favourite kind of Matt is Matt with an acoustic guitar and not a whole lot else.
  4. From my first listen, I'm a little disappointed. It's a nice change sonically but there is too much brass; way too much. I take it Matt just got the jam pack on Garageband?
  5. It's funny Matt saying that considering what his current tours are like. They're not necessarily boring musically, but the guys aren't very active on stage - I could've sworn that Milos was sleeping).
  6. Saw them at TCU place, fantastic set - surprised at how many songs they actually played.
  7. It was Vancouver heavy and I expected as much - it was a nice throwback to the '09 tour though. I'm still not really a fan of Stu but the band are tight. Tv recordings are never exemplary, but Matt sounded fine.
  8. jrw

    M+ (merged)

    Love it. $25 is nothing compared to what Matt is purporting to provide. If it gives access into the recording of the next album I'll be happy to spend that money.
  9. I liked the interview, though Matt seemed a little tired and understandably so with the tour having gone on for a month and a half. I kind of groaned at the "parasitic" statement about humans. Yes, I get it, we have the ability to destroy human lives or creations or land or whatever else, but I don't believe that we are inherently parasitic. Misanthropy is boring. I would expect such a quote from a teenager.
  10. He played Weapon at Saskatoon as well. Sad to hear that Matt isn't talking as much anymore at shows. Also, a little off topic, but that idiot who called Matt's fans faggots is trying to sell his Massey Hall tickets for $140 EACH. http://guelph.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=1729...wmid=172916189#
  11. I'm quite adept at counting, so I'm unsure of what you're trying to say here.
  12. I'm wondering if anyone can answer this for me. Why does Matt only play through a clean channel? During say, Born Losers or Simple Explosion, it seems fitting obviously to not have his guitar filled with distortion. However, when it came to Weapon and the main riff he plays, it seemed to be on clean and kind of took away from it a little. The same with Giant and LMU and HTB et al. Even the more rockier songs seemed to be through a clean channel. Any reasoning behind this?
  13. Agreed, the more I think about what Matt wrote the more I'm becoming angry with it. I had an incredible night because of his music, but yes, he absolutely shortened the show and I would bet we were due for one more song. This pisses me off. I paid my $65 to see an artist who I have supported via purchasing merchandise and cds and just because there are four idiots in the crowd yelling "go riders" or whatever else does not mean Matt has the right to hold back or not put in as much effort. I would warrant a guess that there are idiots in every crowd. If it was all 2-3,000 of us yelling, I could be cool with that. I was respectful and applauded after each song and wanted to hear more of Matt talking. I highly doubt that Saskatoon was the worst. I don't know about the guy or girl ripping up the seat, I wasn't there. I left when the lights went up, but if it did, that's one fucking moron Matt. The entire crowd cannot be held accountable. If he wanted a more energetic crowd, he should've played the Odeon. The place would've been packed and because everyone is standing we would've been more energetic. I went to see Metric two weeks prior to Matt at the Odeon and the atmosphere was brilliant and because of it Metric were energetic and were visibly enjoying themselves. But, in a seating theatre, are we really supposed to be energetic during a nine minute long BSOBL?! How does that create an atmosphere of excitement? Overall I'm very happy with my night out, but I don't like the implication that we're all to blame or that Saskatoon is this horrible city that artists should avoid.
  14. I was actually hoping for a longer song, perhaps Avalanche or VNA. Something that they can really hammer out. After seeing Matt's post about Saskatoon it makes me feel utterly embarassed. I have never yelled out tracks at the band playing onstage as I myself have played live and know what set lists are and know that it isn't simply an easy case of changing it up mid set. I'm glad he said "4 out of 2,500", because that's honestly what it is. There was one guy all night who would yell and yell and yell, just random tracks (change of season?! what?!) and everyone around me was pissed off at this guy. It's irritating because Matt can simply skip Saskatoon the next time he tours if he feels the audience aren't worth it. I would say for the most part we were respectful, gave him a standing ovation and gave rapturous applause at the end of each number. It angers me that Matt feels that way because of, like he said, four idiots. There may have been more but it couldn't have been more than the same five or six people who yelled during each quiet moment. I was hoping for more banter between songs but everytime he spoke, song requests would go out. At one point he joked about it saying, "this isn't the fucking request hour" to which everyone cheered and laughed hoping to silence the fucking morons who kept yelling out. This was my first time seeing Matt and I really hope it won't be the last in Saskatoon. If Matt is reading this I hope he does realise that it was only those four or five idiots who brought us down. Everyone in my section were loving every single second of it. It was an absolutely incredible night and with my disappointment with closing with FTFI aside, I got every single fucking pennies worth. I had always understood how incredible Matt's voice is, but live it's on another level. Stu is an amazing guitarist as it's been said, the sound completely filled TCU place. So yes, it was an incredible night and I'm really sad that Matt was obviously holding back, perhaps because he has another month to go, or more likely, because he was in a bad mood due to those yelling out.
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