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  1. My dad had the original LP and my sister LOST IT!?!? Have I felt such sorrow at the loss of Thriller.... many say it's not possible.
  2. Yes, I get that problem. That's why I usually have about 8 started but I'll lose myself in one and ignore the others until it runs its course through.
  3. Okay. Who would I ask that question too? Perhaps Geoff has some sort of insight on that.
  4. Still really want to see Zack and Miri despite mixed reviews. Mostly because I love Kevin Smith and everything he does. Such as Degrassi. Rock on Silent Bob.
  5. Okay, I've liked Matt Good for a long time but my boyfriend really adores the band but hasn't been able to get any of the early recordings yet. Are the only ones available the 6 in the store? Any info on how to get any more demos or recordings would be awesome. Thanks, Liz
  6. apple, camenbert cheese, kolbasa sausage and some crackers I'll go with an 8. Apple was a little mushy. So uncool.
  7. If Ewan McGreggor would just be with me the world would be right.
  8. I have to agree with the many mentions of Seinfeld. Other honorable mentions: Arrested Development The Office Simpsons
  9. When my friend and I went to Peru our theme songs were "It's Business Time" "Cheer Up Murray" and "Bret You Got It Goin On" we would sing them every day. EPIC
  10. Just finished Watchmen. Am currently reading about 8 books including: Oryx & Crake, Fell, 2 graffiti books, 1984 and Stardust.
  11. EDDIE IZZARD. Everything he does makes me guffaw.
  12. Iron Chef. Original version, not the american one.
  13. I think Weeds is my favorite show on television. That milf is the kind of woman everyone wants a piece of. I can still watch season one and laugh my ass of every episode.
  14. I loved Paul Gross in Men With Brooms. Haven't seen this one yet, it's giving me a rental vibe though.
  15. I remember the trailers for this but the minute it hit theatres it kind of disappeared? Alas, will have to wait for rental
  16. I love Bill Maher and have been looking forward to this number ever since I saw the trailer a couple months ago
  17. Iron Man wish I could have thought of something a little more obscure
  18. This is the best graphic novel I've read in a long time and am very much anticipating the movie. From the 2 trailers out it looks like a really good interpretation of the comic. Thoughts? Anyone as stoked as I am? Rorschach. That is all.
  19. Friday the 13th. Hilarious, scary, Kevin Bacon, what more could you need?
  20. Jurassic fricking Park. Jeff Goldblum makes that movie. Along with Rex. And the raptors. And Newman. Basically the awesome never ends.
  21. I'm sorry, did I hear a comparison b/w Keane and the Beatles? Shock.
  22. So I drink and I smoke and I ask you if your ever around Even though it was me who drove us right into the ground See the time we shared it was precious to me But all the while I was dreamin of revelry Oh Kings of Leon. My dearest loves.
  23. I'm going to say proudly with shame Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror
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