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  1. Dan #1


    Can't wait for the new season to start... i'm still bitter at how BC screwed up last year. Kind of like the canucks... they started off the season so very well... but became the suck.
  2. Dan #1


    man that's classy... what did she do?
  3. I was thinking we could use a rock, paper, scissors duel or something... what do you think?
  4. Keep the sexual innuendos comin! There are far to many people claiming to be "Mr. Big". Shall we have a duel to decide who is the true one?
  5. Whose Life Is It Anyway?
  6. What the hell are those? And why aren't girls allowed to eat them....
  7. So you think you are "Mr. Big" ... that's a pretty big name to live up to.
  8. I chose Wunderbar because i'm part viking.
  9. I saw this question on TV a few years back and since it is Easter today I believe this is an appropriate question. Pretty straight forward... if you choose 'other', state which one and why.
  10. Dan #1

    Final Exams

    Why is it so easy to get distracted from something as interesting as studying for University classes? I was always told that University was supposed to be the time of my life.
  11. Dan #1

    Final Exams

    Hi my name is Dan and I am a chronic procrastinator... I have 1 exam this week and two more next week. It will be over before I know it though.
  12. Do you need anybody to play cowbell?!? I got a fever,and the only prescription... is MORE COWBELL! This sounds like an awesome idea, but count me out... i have no musical skills.
  13. Suburbia! It's kind of hypnotic to me.
  14. Dan #1


    hahaha... yeah i guess that is a big understatement. But there's nothing wrong with a few changes, right? Even if they are shitty changes and you wished you never had to go to school anymore ;)
  15. Thanks for the link... i didn't watch the junos either, and probably never will.
  16. Dan #1

    Mblog Down

    Can't be too careful around goats you know... they might spit in your eye. Or is that a camel? But yeah... i hope matt gets over the goat fever and can get back on track with his acoustic tour (even though i dont have tickets).
  17. Dan #1

    Wish list

    Is it CG or live action? I haven't heard anything about it.
  18. Dan #1


    Congrats and goodluck with it! I remember acceptance... never thought things would end up the way they did though. Expect some changes in University
  19. Yeah, i agree that the last show with the clips of the past was odd. It's obviously going to be important information for the upcoming shows though...It was good to see how things led up to the situation they are at now. It's a good show, but I wouldn't say the best show around. I don't watch enough tv to nominate a best show.
  20. BOONDOCK SAINTS!!!! It's so awesome!!! I tried to convince my friends that... but they just made fun of me and said it was a really gay movie.
  21. Holy crap, it's been two years? Happy belated NF! haha funny message from matt. One question: for this tour is he just reinventing old songs and playing them solo/acoustic? I agree that songs like weapon and while we were hunting rabbits need that instrumental depth, but his acoustics are awesome for other songs.
  22. I felt sorry for the man ... with that confused look on his face after neither door opened.... but then again it's just George.
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