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  1. This is good news. where did you guys hear about these dates? are they coming to montreal too or just toronto and vancouver?
  2. im not sure if anyone here has it but much more music put out a bio of matt good a couple of years ago. in the first 3 minutes, matt plays with the original line up at much music in 1996. what song is he playing? i'm not sure. it sounds cool though. some of the lyrics in the clip that i can make out are: i think about it all the time.... ...you are what you eat and not what you preach
  3. in the lyrics section of this site, http://www.nearfantastica.com/lyrics/ there are lyrics to should've been a super villain and reliance. they are also listed on http://www.mgtabarchive.com/tab.html along with villain of the year but lyrics aren't listed for it. but i guess pavan was right and that the song was at the end of s.w.w. because i just downloaded a version.
  4. you don't exactly have to have that much matthew good material to share to start. it could be anything including other bands as long as when you get matthew good material from the hub, you share it.
  5. or you could go to http://mghub.bloodflame.com/ and download one of the supported clients, join the matthew good trading hub and use it to download these songs. its easy. all you have to make sure to do is share your songs for everyone else.
  6. does anyone know anything about the songs: reliance should've been a super villain villain of the year are there any recorded versions floating around?
  7. how is it? is it better or worse than the first? is it scary?
  8. i often use my middle finger and my palm.. takes about three seconds.. i don't know what you are doing
  9. i was wondering if anyone has any mixing suggestions for liquor that tastes a lot like black licorice.. the booze is pretty crazy.. 55 percent.. called absente.. suggestions?
  10. i personally have to agree with that choice.. i also really enjoy the rawness of white light.
  11. this is kind of wierd.. but yet i can't look away
  12. while on the topic of favourite albums... what is your favourite beatles album.. i'll get it started with mine being Rubber Soul
  13. what is your favourite matt good/matt good band album?
  14. i think Blue Rodeo is a band that should be experienced live... they are really good.
  15. i don't know that sounds pretty thin.. also note watchtower is a dylan song.
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