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    The following day we were given the results of our career placement tests, mine said that I was going to die.
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    Failing The Rorscach Test, Prime Time Deliverance
  1. Shit I hope he plays bluesfest in Ottawa .. that would be prettty sweet
  2. looks pretty cool at first glance
  3. it's been a month.. when's it gonna be posted??
  4. It's matt@matthewgood.org
  5. Check this out .. http://mgtabarchive.com/wiki/index.php?tit...ts_Like_Tonight I did that one. Volcanoes isn't too bad, maybe i'll do it later.
  6. Sort of a Protest Song While We Were Hunting Rabbits
  7. Haha.. ya I wish I had a copy of one of the tapes, but I've never seen them anywhere.. not even on ebay.
  8. 1) Weapon 2) Suburbia 3) Sort of a Protest Song 4) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 5) Avalanche 1) Man of Action 2) Prime Time Deliverance 3) Near Fantastica 4) The Rat Who Would Be King 5) Advertising on Police Cars
  9. hahaha.. my roommate showed this to me .. it's pretty sketchy at times and you do see a lot of unnecessary naked guys (which is the reason I don't think I'll ever go back) ..seems like it's getting more and more popular though, based on the number of people (about a month ago it was at like 4000 now it's up to 30 000)
  10. maybe if you could condense it further. maybe into like.. one line then i'd be willing to read it
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