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    -Matthew Good<br>-The Killers<br>-Holly McNarland<br>-Tegan And Sara<br>-Bjork<br>-Green Day<br>-Evanescence<br>-Alexisonfire<br>-Foo Fighters<br>-Snow Patrol<br>-Franz Ferdinand<br>-Scissor Sisters<br>-Anna Nalick
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    The Rat Who Would Be King
  1. That's true. Sorry, I figured since you listened to a few metal bands that you were unlikely to listen to this kind of music. I assumed haphazardly, Dan. Tsk.
  2. Yesterday. Math. It was massively assy. ;) What ever happened to Mike Bullard?
  3. This album isn't really meant for people who are hard-core screamo fans, like Alexisonfire. It's a completely different type of music. If you like the kind of ballads and beautiful acoustic stuff, then you'll enjoy this album, but if you're into metal music, then don't even bother. Of course if you have diverse tastes, then preview the songs before you buy the album. I preview the songs before I buy CD's so that I know I'll enjoy it and won't resort to calling musicians 'pussies'.
  4. Keep listening, Dan. Casey's Song is by far the best song on there.
  5. You did something you feel guilty about and now you're becoming paranoid about it, hence, thinking people are following you. Do you have some guilt weighing you down at the moment?
  6. Ronnie Vannucci from The Killers. He goes crazy on the drums. He sweats buckets, works his ass off, and doesn't miss a beat. He looks like the tazmanian devil... It's awesome.
  7. My dream festival would be: Matthew Good The Killers Green Day Muse Franz Ferdinand Sarah Slean Tegan and Sara Snow Patrol Scissor Sisters*** Bjork Oasis Holly McNarland Coldplay Anna Nalick ***I'd have the most fun during Scissor Sisters.
  8. Never heard their stuff, though I've heard so much about them. They're indie, right? Have you seen your mommy kissing Santa Clause?
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