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  1. Same thing happened in Red Deer, except the guy in the crowd was an absolute douchebag.
  2. I thought it was a better fit than Mother Mother, although don't tell my best friend that...
  3. Thanks a ton! I wish I could have made it to the show in Edmonton. You Rock my friend!!
  4. Awwww man!! I wish Edmonton wasn't a two hour drive away... but I have to admit I was pooped out after seeing three shows in a row. I can't wait to hear the Edmonton Bootlegs. I have the one from the last tour and it was recording of the first ever Matthew Good show I went to, how many people can say that?? Here's hoping that the next time he tours I will be on maternity leave and I can see all his Alberta shows... damn work!!
  5. Were you the gentelman who recorded the last concert at the Shaw Conference center???
  6. The show was absolutely fantastic. It was obvious right from the start that Matt and the band were in a great mood. They were having so much fun up there. The crowd however was abysmal. I was sitting in the third row, and from what I could tell from my vantage point was the first three rows were completely dead with the exception of me... totally rocking it out the whole time. At one point I got a bit weepy because he played Champions, the one song I never thought I hear live, the night before in Calgary I was over the moon with hearing Hornets, which sounded great! There were a ton of drunken idiots screaming song requests, to which Matt replied with a little ditty about how he wrote the set list eariler in the day, that he wasn't going to change it and that no one was going to get their money back, which had me and my friend howling with laughter. Later on some fucktard lit up a joint, in a theatre that maybe has the capacity of about 800. Due to my current line of work, my nose is rather sensitive that stuff. Matt noticed it too and made a comment about how rude it was, then fucktard asked the rest of his band if they were interested in a hoot. Matt didn't dignify him any further and just went on to play another song. By far it was one of the best shows that Matt and his band have ever put on and I was extremely disappointed with the crowd in Red Deer. They don't know how lucky they are to have such an awesome and intimate venue for artists to play in. Growing up just outside of Red Deer, the common complaint was that no one ever does a show there and I can see why. I live halfway between Red Deer and Calgary and have made a point to see all the shows that I can when I can. Matt and his band deserved a lot more respect than what they got last night.
  7. I'm not so sure of that... My friend and I were kindly sent away last night in Red Deer when we went to the rear part of the memorial center to wait by the back door. Not sure who he was working for but he did ask us nicely to leave. As for the meet and greets, I went the first night in Calgary and I didn't feel rushed, I rushed because I was so nervous ( I do have a habit of fainting in the most inopportune of times!)! I literally shook from the time I met him until the northern limits of the city (I live 45 minutes out of town). His assistant was very nice in making sure that the picture was what I wanted which was very nice, because the first one did turn out rather blurry. I do appreciate the fact that he did make VIP package available and if he decides again to do it in the future I will purchase a package again.
  8. Shit! If I had only known!!! was anyone else at the Red Deer show tonight that wanted to kick douchebag who lit the joint in the head???
  9. Anyone doing the VIP thing Thursday night in Calgary?? Wanna meet up?
  10. Finally receieved my VIP package, yay! Looking very forward to Matt coming back west!
  11. Ok, it just over two weeks to go until the Calgary shows and my VIP package hasn't shown up yet... should I be freaking out yet??
  12. Any chance this demo could be added to the store??
  13. I was hoping for a pre-sale for the Red Deer show, but I guess no such luck!
  14. Ok, is anyone else having difficulties trying to purchase presale tickets for the November 11th show in Calgary??? OK here's the deal if you're trying to order pre-sale tickets for either of the Calgary shows... If you want presale tickets today (Wednesday) the code is lyrics If you want presale tickets tomorrow (Thursday) the code is endangered
  15. Thank you!! I can't wait to see three Alberta shows, I have to miss out on Edmonton this time around, six hours round trip during a work week is a bit much. Did it with U2 and it felt like I was working with a hangover!
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