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  1. Afroman- I Drive Better Drunk Deloused in the Comatorium FTW!
  2. .Moneen. - Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now
  3. The only good Rainbow six games were the first and second. After that they got so damn silly that I gave up on them. Vegas 1 and 2 had cool gameplay, but the story ruined the whole experience. But yea, I played all of those games. And i liked them too
  4. I've been rockng the shit out of killzone 2 online. It's probably the best online shooter i've ever played.
  5. In Rainbows was one of my biggest dissapointments last year. But my Best of 08 includes: Made Out of Babies- Ruiner Portishead- Third Gaslight Anthem- 59 Sound and I think those were the only cds that came out in 08 that i bought..
  6. Muse FTW! I just got: Carcass- Heartwork Sepultura- Beneath The Remains Made Out of Babies- Coward Death- Human
  7. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Surfer joe and Moe the sleaze
  8. Hey there. I was wondering if anybody has (or has come close) nailed the noise solo in Hello Timebomb. i've been trying to figure that bitch out for years, but can't find any information about it. I usually just mess around with a whammy pedal and wah, but it doesn't sound close. I've also tried messing with the feedback/delay time knobs on a few different delays, but that gives you more of the Radiohead Karma Police outro. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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