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  1. i was really looking forward to the show here in Edmonton, but i understand the need for this. Looking forward to any chance to escape from this current reality! And really my first thought for this was for Matt's health over all, so for that, at least I am happy with this decision.
  2. Currently on schedule: April 1 - Matthew Good May 14 Nov 9 - Jimmy Eat World May 17 Feb 12, 2021 - Apocalyptica July 4 - Saints & Sinners Tour (Big Wreck, Moist, Headstones, The Tea Party)
  3. I'm seeing about getting better quality rips to add. Just have to figure it out haha
  4. Does it work here for you? http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/video-apparitions.php
  5. Going on the whole "This isnt the Matthew Good I know!" Or whatever feeling people have towards it not being the same... what albums are the same as the previous? There are parts sure, but they are their own thing, and stand out as such. I find I am really enjoying this album. Thanks Matt for posting too! Always nice to see some insights. And I hope retiring isn't too soon, but that's more for myself loving having new music and new shows to see.
  6. The cd and vinyl are up on official store for pre-order Vinyl- https://matthewgood.store-08.com/featured/mg050037-matthew-good-moving-walls-2x12-vinyl-black/ CD- https://matthewgood.store-08.com/featured/mg050036-matthew-good-moving-walls-cd/ Probably other places soon
  7. 1. One Of Them Years 2. A Momentary Truth 3. Beauty 4. Sicily 5. Boobytrapped 6. Radicals 7. Dreading It 8. Your Rainy Sound 9. Fingernails 10. Lumière Noire 11. A Thousand Tons 12. The Heights 13. Selling You My Heart 14. Thorn Bird 15. Parts
  8. Just the Edmonton show, few other potential shows to be announced in the year that i want to go to and I don't want to push my luck with the wife haha plus i have a hard time doing long drives, I don't want to get in an accident just for a concert
  9. Got my Edmonton ticket! What shows are you eyeing up @adam_777? (Or got already?)
  10. They did on Thursday here in Edmonton, so i'd assume so!
  11. Yes, I just had a delay of fixing my computer, it'll be updated later tonight
  12. A Boy And His Machine Gun Let's Get It On
  13. i might have some others, will check soon
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