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  1. i could do some scans of this, if it is what you are looking for? it's a bit beat up.. http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/_/misc/aobcal1.jpg http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/_/misc/aobcal2.jpg
  2. it is nice to have this board to be on still So many forums come and gone over the years. I miss having mine, but it died off a bunch when my hosting screwed it up twice, and then people were here so i never brought it back. Saying this is 16 makes me realize in January my site will be 20 Indeed thanks Anton for keeping a place for us to show up frequently around tour time and casually the rest of the time haha
  3. and sound rink just manages the VIP....
  4. might be hard to get going with the "Rave & Drool: A Chronicle of '90s CanRock" podcast ( https://www.facebook.com/RaveDrool/ ) being a thing already and your own decleration of limited knowledge/resources for podcasting. not that i'm saying it is a bad idea, just might be a bit harder to tackle
  5. For Matt's health I am very okay with this move. Yes I was looking forward to it, but it was not looking to be safe the way things are going.
  6. pre-ordered the 3D All-Stars right away. I only ever played a bit of Mario 64 on my 3DS, so will be nice to play it on the TV. Never owned a N64 to play it back then. Also never had a gamecube, so never played Sunshine at all. i know i could have played it on the Wii for backwards compatibility, but being a Mario title it never went cheap. Be nice to revisit Galaxy though! I traded it in for Galaxy 2 when i worked at Future Shop and there was a promo for high trade in value Will order Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury closer to release in February.
  7. i know Ian played in Alarm Bell and briefly as the name reverted to Limblifter (i did the official site at the time for Ryan). but I never got to see any shows during that incarnation, just the first show back as Limblifter but Ian wasn't in the band anymore by then.
  8. Zoom has limits to how many participants can join in
  9. i have all the videos on my site, working on ripping them from the DVD from In A Coma to up the quality on a few, but it seems to only want to do Alabama Motel Room, so i have to play around and see how to get it to get other chapters. Anton has them up on the video section here too, just most are the flash player stuff that doesn't work for everyone as much these days
  10. i've heard pretty much the same for spotify's tip jar as i have for spotify and how shitty it is. Bandcamp has been having days that 100% goes to the artists which is nice.
  11. Anyone joined or already part of any patreons or bought more things off bandcamp or official stores? i've done a few more bandcamp purchases than i probably normally would have. (actors , red vienna, colleen brown, few others i forget currently) and been part of Billy Pettinger (aka Billy The Kid)'s patreon forever now (https://www.patreon.com/BillyPettinger) I'm sure there are many more Patreon's i could be interested in, but i can only afford so much haha
  12. i was really looking forward to the show here in Edmonton, but i understand the need for this. Looking forward to any chance to escape from this current reality! And really my first thought for this was for Matt's health over all, so for that, at least I am happy with this decision.
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