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  1. The button of the MG on the maple leaf, like the Winnipeg Jets logo is one I'd love to replace of mine. I lost mine on a Friday after work and found it Monday after work at the bus stop all rusted beat up from weekend rain haha Be able to get the buttons/pins off you?
  2. I'm looking for a few random singles still (Black Helicopter, Oh Be Joyful), not sure what else besides pre-Last of the Ghetto Astronauts demos and maybe promo versions of albums. i've gotten this much of a collection, still want these odds and ends
  3. is that from one of those terrible facebook ad things?
  4. still wish i could track down few singles i'm missing Songs have come in here and there and I still enjoy them. We'll see what (if) future work feels like. But old stuff just has too much of my life wrapped into it and for the most part I'd separated art/artist so it's been pushed more to fully separated is all.
  5. i got my first one a few weeks ago. my arm was sore the next day, but that's pretty typical of any vaccine. otherwise nothing different. my next one is supposed to be in august, we have a weird way of doing it...
  6. such a short time to have been sold and then found randomly collecting dust..
  7. There's a few comments here that have made me want to close this thread, but it'd just cause more issues. It's a lot to process. Everyone feels differently about it. Everyone has an opinion that differs. Some are kind enough to explain and share share points of reason, others are assholes who are apparently the only ones who are right. ? It's a discussion that is of a difficult nature and kind of hard to "police". At least we didn't go the route of the original subreddit or the Facebook group and just say fuck it you can't have any discussions.
  8. i thought it was Royal City Archers as the "band/artist" and song title is Triage, especially as the filename is Triage, and it was said released song under the moniker "Royal City Archers"
  9. Not sure if the youtube is related or due to their weird merging of things they've been doing
  10. if anyone is interested, there is a new subbreddit now http://reddit.com/r/mattgood the MG facebook group closed itself too.
  11. I love that track haha wish it was more than a demo at times, not that it sounds bad, but maybe a bit more polished
  12. The mobile version is much nicer than previously, so thats nice!
  13. I think should all be okay now. I love that the main image thumbnail for the video is the gum commercial haha
  14. ugh, godaddy is annoying me lately. they keep saying my site migration is delayed, and then it doesnt do anything. i'll look into it, since the main part works, not that that helps anything... edit: it seems to be in the middle of the migration finally.... so the files don't exist yet on the version it is pulling up... i'll see if i can just re-upload them to make it live again
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