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  1. A Boy And His Machine Gun Let's Get It On
  2. i might have some others, will check soon
  3. And the videos are now live on my site http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads-video.php The first 5 videos on the page are the newly added ones, with the awesomeness of the first video being the entire performance of Sharks Of Downtown! I did create an MP3 of the song from the video. linked on the main page (http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/) as well as on the audio downloads page
  4. Added August 4 - Gables In The Bend Grand Bend, Ontario [Tickets/Info | Facebook]
  5. added Aug 3 in St. John, Newbrunswick for Area 506 Fest
  6. I figure these will start to pop up similar to the Solo Acoustic shows tour dates as Festivals get announced/reveal their lineups. So far: June 21 - Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival Beaumont, Alberta [Info | Tickets | Facebook] July 14 - Roxodus Music Fest Edenvale Airport, Clearview, Ontario [Info | Tickets | Facebook] Festival Cancelled July 3 August 3 - Area 506 Festival St. John, New Brunswick [Info | Tickets | Facebook] August 4 - Gables In The Bend Grand Bend, Ontario [Tickets/Info | Facebook]
  7. http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads/audio/ohnm/inhisownwordspart1.mp3 http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads/audio/ohnm/inhisownwordspart2.mp3
  8. of course the next day Matthew Good posted about this haha, and other artists started posting they were part of it. got my weekend passes now!
  9. Aw that sucks, I was really looking forward to revisiting Hopeless! As well as re-comparing the openers because I felt Selling You My Heart was better from VIP (could just have been the intimate nature adding to the first listen). At least it was only the VIP portion, so not a whole show loss. Looking forward to having the show soon. Always appreciate the recordings!
  10. So facebook notified me that Bif Naked was playing this festival. I saw it said Big Wreck was playing too, so I was intrigued at ticket prices. Go to the website and it says Matt is headlining the Friday night. June 21st. https://bbrf.ca/
  11. I'll have to give Hello Time Bomb some more listens, this version parts seem a little too drawn out to me, but could just be the unfamiliarity of the arrangement. On the drive home Fearless came on, and this tour version is vocally so much stronger. I enjoy the song but man does the album version feel not as epic haha
  12. I was going to message you asking if you had a giant grin from it haha
  13. I'm excited for tomorrow's St Albert show. These setlists have been awesome and very surprising! Haven't listened to any recordings so the sound of it all will still be a new experience too
  14. I had a message board for a while too (before my hosting messed up and lost the database a few too many times), as did Prime Time Deliverance. PTD had a lot of us who didn't feel like we fit in with groups on Running For Home's board. After PTD wasn't around, I had my board, The Double Life, for a while. MGB during the AOB days linked to Running For Home's board (the APA [Amusement Park Accident]). Nation Of Cool had an official board, was that the Metro?. the official MG.org site had an official board on and off too. There's been so many it's hard to keep track. I'm sure Whorrible and other pre-Running For Home sites had some too. but man was that forever ago to remember considering my site itself is 18 years old
  15. Just upgraded my March 20th Edmonton show to VIP at the insistence of the wife. So you know, was hard to argue with that haha
  16. i emailed the developer a while back and they said they were redoing it and to just wait a few weeks for the relaunch. Then it was way past a few weeks later so i asked again and they said it was dead.
  17. Wednesday March 20 Edmonton Starlite Room https://www.starliteroom.ca/event/1764850-matthew-good-solo-acoustic-edmonton/
  18. Foo Fighters for tomorrow just got rescheduled for Oct 22 due to Dave being sick. I wasn't going to be back from BC yet from seeing Todd Kerns(/Static In Stereo).. I don't want to miss Foo Fighters but that just may not work out for me
  19. I've got Foo Fighters coming up next month, finally! haha Not much on my horizon so far. Excited for Oct 20th getting to see a reunion of Static In Stereo. Foo Fighters - September 4, 2018 Static In Stereo! (Todd Kerns' BC Entertainers Hall of Fame Induction) - October 20, 2018 Matthew Good - February 15 & 22, 2019 I did sneak in a show just passed on July 27th to see ACTORS. (https://www.facebook.com/actors1984/) Last time I saw the singer for that band (Jason Corbett) was in BC in 2004 for the Die Popstar presented Limblifter reunion shows. Jason's band at that time was called Speed To Kill. Hung out with the band a bit before the show, which was super awesome, got Jason to sign my Speed To Kill CD. Only took me 14 years to get a 16 year old CD signed! yeah!
  20. I got a St Albert ticket as well. Glad I got it right away then. The very first time I checked it told me nothing was available and had me worried. Then I did the release recheck a few times and got the same ticket each time. I got D21 for that. Just off center a bit. Not too bad. Fort Saskatchewan's is B19 (feel like should be calling out bingo) which I think is off on a side. I found a sort of map but didn't have numbers.
  21. I also had to google. Now youtube keeps showing me his stupid ads.... haha
  22. i haven't even listened yet haha but I did rip the tracks, so I'll share soon
  23. I've added Last Parade to my collection now http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/single-lastparade.php
  24. These shows are popping up in a way I really don't recall seeing over the years. It's mostly annoying. St Albert would be an easier/faster venue to get to... I could maybe squeeze it in as well being a different Friday. But if a weekend IN Edmonton pops up after would be hard to justify to the wife another show. Pay these bills? Naw I have to buy all the concert tickets i can!
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