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  1. I have the Apparitions video uploaded onto YouTube but it's blocked for copyright reasons. If you want a copy - send me an email at mgb_timebomb83@hotmail.com and I'll see if there's a way to upload it somewhere. Same with the Canadian version of Superman's Dead by OLP.
  2. OMG - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DID TO GET THIS!. I've been hoping to hear this for 20+ years!! Teenage me wanted to hear it so badly when I found out about it in the last 90s. I have goosebumps from the nostalgia of all these videos. Thank you thank you thank you. I love that the t-shirt Matt is wearing in the Sharks of Downtown video is the same one he wore 3-4 years later for the Load Me Up music video! I LOVE The song. It could be recency bias or just the fact I've been so keen on hearing it, but I love how it feels like 3-4 different songs mixed together. THANK YOU!
  3. I've got "and I've a grenade with our names scratched on the side, but that's just love" on my forearm (from The Rat Who Would Be King)
  4. All of WLRRR (except Alert Status Red and Empty Road). To me that album is a blemish to an otherwise flawless career. Great artwork on it though!
  5. SWEET HAMMER OF THOR. One of the best alt-rock songs from the 90s covered by the greatest musical artist of all time. Amazing cover!
  6. If I could guess Matt's answer: RICO. :dg:
  7. I have: "And I've a grenade with our names scratched on the side, but that's just love" Tattooed on my forearm. #TheRatWhoWouldBeKing
  8. I've got all the cd singles from Underdogs,BM, AoB, Avalanche, WLRRR. (I dont know if any were released for LOTGA or anything after In a Coma, but if so, those are the ones I'm missing). I can check the tracklisting and let you know which ones have edits on them. A lot of them are 1 track singles (album version).
  9. There are so many songs I would pick, but then the next track on my playlist starts and I immediately think "No no! this one is my favourite!" So my favourite tends to be the most recent track I've heard by MG(B). lol
  10. Glad it worked out! I also saw it sold out for a long time, then one day I was on the site and didn't see the words "sold out" so I scrambled as quickly as I could to order it before they had a chance to say "sorry it's sold out again" and luckily it worked out for both of us! :)
  11. Where'd you get the jackets/jerseys? I've been dying to get those!
  12. I ordered the CN vinyl off matthewgood.org yesterday! http://matthewgood.store-08.com/ Also - the price of new vinyls these days seem to be commonly $30-40+ so it's not the most outrageous price. If anything, I'd think that a re-seller would be offering it for $75+
  13. Whoa! How did you find the Euphony tape?!?! Your collection is quite lovely! :) Here's my tattoo: http://s21.postimg.org/wf1damyp3/IMG_1281.jpg As for getting the word 'whoring' on your body, I think it's the context of the world. It's not like you're randomly putting YOLO or something. the word is part of a piece of literary art and fits. That said, 75 year old you might be like "why didnt I pick another lyric to use instead"
  14. Most of my stuff is from the MGB era, but the things of interest that I have are: -all the studio albums (all signed from LOTGA to Avalanche) -Underdogs advanced CD - the cover has a photo of the band - signed -Beautiful Midnight US version (this has the 3-4 Underdogs tracks) -Lo-Fi B-Sides -Loser Anthems (But most people have this now) -Old Fighters (I'm sure most of you have this, although it's hard to get in Canada :\) -CD Singles for: Everything is Automatic, Indestructible, Apparitions, Rico, Hello Time Bomb, Load Me Up, Strange Days, Future is X-Rated, Carmelina, Antipop, Weapon, IAWCC, Near Fantastica, Alert Status Red, Fell in Love With a Bad Idea (I don't know if the 3 LOTGA singles ever had CD singles or not, and I dont think CD singles were created in the In a Coma era and beyond, with everything becoming digital) -MGBFC hoodie with the Gunner logo -MGB toque -At Last There is Nothing Left To Say book -Black Market Surgery book -MGB Beautiful Midnight tour poster -Hello Time Bomb Radio Release Poster -Strange Days Radio Release Poster -Matthew Good tour poster (Vancouver era) -Vinyls*: LOTGA, Raygun, Underdogs, Beautiful Midnight, Hospital Music, Arrows of Desire, Chaotic Neutral** -Tattoo on my forearm of a lyric from "The Rat Who Would Be King" -- it says 'and I've a grenade with our names scratched on the side but that's just love" *There was a post on mg.org that addiitonal vinyls would be made later in 2016: I am assuming they are for: Loser Anthems, Audio of Being and WLRRR as those are the only 3 main catalogue albums without a vinyl. (I'll definitely be getting those if they do get released! haha) **You'll notice I am missing: Avalanche, Vancouver, LOES -- if anyone has an extra copy for sale that they are willing to sell to help an obsessed fan complete the full collection, I would be forever grateful! I'm basically obsessed lol.
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