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    and I knew the meaning of it all. and I knew the distance to the sun. and I knew the echo that is love. and I knew the secrets in your spires. and I knew the emptiness of youth. and I knew the solitude of heart. and I knew the murmurs of the soul. and the world is drawn into your hands. and the world is etched upon your heart. and the world so hard to understand. is the world you can't live without. and I knew the silence of the world.
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    Change of Season

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  1. Monday, July 7th, 8pm at the Rogers Stage.
  2. Can someone do me a favour and upload "REM - Automatic for the People"? I've lost mine, and I think its a great summer CD. Also, for those of you who are always looking for new music, I recommend http://cabitup.blogspot.com/
  3. I disagree. Its very fairly priced. They could easily charge $200 a ticket and it would still sell out.
  4. I'm going in Montreal and Toronto.. have never seen them live so I'm really pumped!
  5. I love talk talk, but this performance just cracks me up.. especially at the start..
  6. Just finished Shogun by James Clavell... one of the best books I've ever read. Starting on Tai-Pan now!!
  7. I'm sure he'll play Ottawa. Just wait till all the dates are set.
  8. Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth (excellent) Porcupine Tree - We Lost the Skyline (excellent) Jonny Greenwood - There Will be Blood soundtrack (EXCELLENT)
  9. In Rainbows - Radiohead Hissing Fauna - Of Montreal personally I like Weekend in the City by Bloc Party a ton - but it wasn't really that highly reviewed. One of my top 3 though.
  10. I was just listening to that! now its.. Meccamputechture by Mars Volta. good song off a shitty album.
  11. yah, don't get me wrong.. there is nothing like a Muse concert (they are ridiculously good live-if you ever get a chance to see them, do NOT hesitate) and I LOVE Black Holes and Revelations, but some of their older stuff is pretty radiohead-y. they're one of my favourite bands, actually. There's nothing at all wrong with Amnesiac, its only so low because all the albums before it are nearly perfect. the truth is I just haven't listened to it enough to be that crazy about it (I guess its a grower). Plus, I had to bump up The Bends because songs like street spirit, just and fake plastic trees are easily some of their best even if there are a couple on there that I'd skip.
  12. pablo honey. i would say ok computer in rainbows kid A the bends amnesiac hail to the thief that muse album
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