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  1. Plus it's set in England, and from the preview, it's full of Americans!!
  2. I liked a few songs, but though the album was alright
  3. Modest Mouse - when the ship Idlewild - make another world Wilco - sky blue sky Bright Eyes - cassadaga Travis - the boy with no name Cribs - man's need, women's needs
  4. Will the Album be released with a bonus DVD?
  5. It's been a while since their last, wondering if something is coming out soon?
  6. Hey saw Hawksley Workman play live in Melbourne Australia on Sat nite. Was a really intimate gig with only 50 people there and him and the keyboardist. I rated the concert highly, what's he like in concert with a full band?
  7. Bright Eyes-Noise Floor Dirty Pretty Things-Live DVD Jet-Shine On Killers-Sam's Town Forward! Russia Pete Yorn-Nightcrawlers & Westerns Hawksley Workman-secuirty guards Kasabian-Empire Besk-The Information
  8. The Foot

    Cover by MG

    I would like: Neil Young-After the Gold Rush George Harrison-Isn't It A Pity John Lennon-Jealous Guy
  9. The amazing thing I find is that every genre he does, he does really well. Covering Rock, Punk, Country, etc
  10. Has anybody listed to this cd? can't believe some of these tracks were left of albums
  11. What bands are worth seeing live? I saw Kings of Leon (USA) and the Cribs (UK) during the week both were really good
  12. I prefer 1st album, but it is definitely worth buying tho
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