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  1. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - Fearless Underdogs - Prime Time Deliverance Raygun - Generation X-Wing Beautiful Midnight - Suburbia Loser Anthems - Flashdance II The Audio of Being - The Workers Sing A Song of Mass Production Avalanche - While We Were Hunting Rabbits White Light - Empty Road Hospital Music - Black Helicopter Live At Massey Hall - Everything Is Automatic Vancouver - Us Remains Impossible
  2. Well, I would have to flip a coin to decide between the old lady and my friend
  3. While I'm sad Oasis are done, I'm looking forward to Noel's solo work
  4. I would like it if the MGBFC jersey and the Here Comes Trouble shirt were available for purchase
  5. Personally I think a better question would be "Why the hell is it so cold and rainy?" Worst summer weather ever!
  6. Simpsons followed by South Park, with Family Guy a distant third
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