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  1. Yes I am saying they have talent. But I really don't like their stuff. But at the same time, they deserve respect for their effort. Don't get too pissed off over success kids.
  2. They may not make music that I like but that does not mean they have no talent. just because they sell a bunch of albums does not mean they suck. You guys bash bands far to freely on this board. Mainstream appeal does NOT mean a lack of talent or effort...get it right.
  3. I agree. I thought it was a solid album and to call it whiny makes little sense.
  4. Awesome cd. I find the lyrics to be the strong point of this album on songs like "Worker Bee", and also "Where is the line", which makes me think a lot of the many foolish people on this forum who dismiss a band for simply being to popular, for example....Billy Talent, U2, Green Day. By the way, kick ass cd.
  5. I played it for about one month but got bored.
  6. who cares what the song is called...it rocks...thats all that matters
  7. bad move putting flames in your pool....they are a very low scoring team...Ryan Smyth and Prongs for me
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