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  1. https://www.matthewgood.org/tribus
  2. https://www.matthewgood.org/the-random/2020/7/13/electronical
  3. Really digging this album. Standouts for me are: One of Them Years, Boobytrapped, Radicals, and Dread It.
  4. This is amazing, thank you.
  5. Mix sounds off on Spotyify for me as well. Instruments are much louder than the vocals.
  6. I'm looking to sell my near-mint Vancouver LP. I'm located in Hamilton if you want to PM me an offer.
  7. Sounds awesome, can't wait to hear the rest when they're posted. Really interesting to see the progression from the demos to the mastered final product. Anyone got a rip? ;)
  8. Empty's Theme Park has an extended ending now, and is encoded in 128kbs compared to the original versions 96kbs. Actually they all might be better quality... EDIT Actually Empty's and Boy Who Could are better quality, while The Vancover National Anthem is lower quality... And yes, even though I've ripped these I'm buying the album. Buy it kids!
  9. Just gave it the first listen through. Have to say I like what I hear.
  10. http://www.matthewgood.org/wp-content/uplo...t-in-jungle.mp3 Thoughts?
  11. Makes me even more psyched to see the show.
  12. You confuse me, as I sent it to your inbox some 3 hours ago.
  13. I'm digging it. He seems to be throwing in a lot more solos in these demos then his previous work.
  14. How do I keep missing these?!? Someone kind enough to send me a PM?
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