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  1. I can't seem to be able to send an email to the Bravo site.
  2. yeah, Apparitions. I'm tired of it.
  3. I like the cough and sniffles and footsteps walking away and a door slamming at the end of "Fated".
  4. Toronto at Massey Hall on Friday will be my first!
  5. I'm enjoying it. "Can't Stop Partying" is my favourite track so far.
  6. Cool! Thanks for this! I'm going to look up their other stuff!
  7. I am excited about this cd release too! A friend of mine saw them in Amsterdam a few months ago.
  8. Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson (cause I can't spell the original band's name) The Eurithmics or something LOL
  9. Ok, am I stupid or something 'cause I still can't find the song! HELP!
  10. Goldring


    Just a reminder that Matthew Good live be playing live at the Casby awards in Toronto on October 22. Show starts at 8:30 EST. You can watch it streamed live here http://www.edge.ca/ConcertsandEvents/Casbys/Main.aspx
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