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  1. Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changing (if you can use The as the tag part.... otherwise Duran Duran - Undone)
  2. "Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I
  3. Well good old Google has to say this: Voice: Press the little red button Press the- it is pressed The little red, pressed- It is cold... And Disorientation says this: (press the little red button press the litt- it is pressed the litt bred ruft... let's go) This site has: (Spoken) press the little red button press the litt it is pressed the litt bred ruft... let's go ;)
  4. hahah parable... i don't think he actually says it cause he laughs and says "just go" or something... but who knows
  5. American Splendor - really good I liked how they used an actor for most of it but used the actual interviews with Harvey Pekar and Letterman
  6. Haha! Nicely played. I found these on Disorientation, I know it's not ALL of them but some more of the random things in the songs, sorry for the duplicates that where already in the poll... Native Son - At about 3:30 , Matt says "Its all about the mountains, it's all about the slide!" - The background clapping starts at about 2:40. - At 3:39 Matt says "look mom, no hands" along with the clapping Vermilion - At the beginning Matt says "Arriba." or "Aruba" Then the guitars come in and them he starts to sing The War Is Over - Matt says "Ladies and gentlemen," at the beginning of this song - At about 6:50 Matt sort of screams "The war is over, the war is over. There's nothing much, to spies like us." - At around 8:58 the hidden track, Omissions of The Omen, starts Inescapable Us - At about 0:08 Matt says "alright." Indestructible - At about 1:20, Ian says 1-2-3, and then the bass line comes in. - at about 1:19, someone (most likely Ian) shouts 1-2 before the kick and bass line. Look Happy, It's The End Of The World - In the beginning, Ian says "1-2-1-2-3" then the music starts - Also as I noticed on many sites with information similar to this, for this song some of them have "wiz bang" as something extra Matt says, it isn't, it is in the lyrics if you are a true fan you would know this because you would read the lyrics. Change Of Season - At about 0:52 Matt says "let's go" Truffle Pigs - The last line "Jenn I'll bring them to their knees" is not in the lyrics. Pledge Of Allegiance - If you listen closely to the first few seconds of this song you can Matt in the background (helps to have sound up loud) saying "This is a commercial..." I'm not quite sure how much of the line he says though. 21st Century Living - Features voices of Rich, Matt's nephew, Warne's son and others Double Life - at about 3:06 very faintly in the background whistling(?) can be heard as well as at about 3:12 Matt says stop
  7. I know this is a really old poll, but im bored so bite me ;)
  8. this is it - michael jackson *new to the game so hope i got the just of it......*
  9. You pretty much mentioned everything I would have, except for beautiful midnight - suburbia / Hospital Music - champions.
  10. I fully agree, that or Reliance
  11. boo-erns now i have to wait and will probably get outbid while at work =(
  12. Very interested in a the jersey and patches! any prices in mind?
  13. I noticed the same thing, but once again my mom and I disagree. She says because it wobbled, and it had never done that, that it was real life, I say he finally accpets this as his real life although it is limbo or a dream in a dream or whatever...because all he wanted was to be with his kids.
  14. Well I've been replaying super mario on N64, and almost done God of War 3
  15. I have been a fan of Chris's work for quite awhile he is an amazing director and writer. He's made A Dark Knight and Memento to name a few. So far I have loved them all so after seeing trailers and reading about Inception I was excited! Anyhow, I just got back from watching and I'm blown away. The visual effects where phenomenal and much like Memento he ends it leaving you wondering. And to my delight Leonard out did himself acting once again. Just curious who else and seen it and what others think about the ending? Does the fact that the top wobble imply that he was in fact not dreaming? Because it never actually fell. What do You think? I think I'll have to take my mom to watch it again...
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