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  1. Well obviously it wouldn't be as good as seeing Matt live, but I thought maybe you might of had a crazy dream or something... Again, terrible news sorry to hear. ;)
  2. That sucks balls.... so sorry to hear. Was the nap at least worth it?
  3. Should be going to see Inception on Sunday super excited! The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan who did Memento and The Dark Knight, both epic movies!!
  4. At least you got to go, closet he's been to van was kamloops and I couldn't make it
  5. http://mattgood.imgarbage.com/manifestos.php ;)
  6. creation - about Charles Darwin, excellent movie
  7. Well thats no fun, haha oh well. And I'm confused with titles, there are 3 songs with different titles that are the same song? Hence me putting short time on earth and what if i cant see the starts mildred but i guess i'll just have to wait and see
  8. I agree, thrilled for the new album, what have your fav demos been so far? Mine are Hornets, Short Time on Earth, and what if i cant see the stars Mildred, I hope they make the cut
  9. Thanks, good to know haha, missed that somehow
  10. suburbia87


    To sum up what he said was; Fuck you guys, I came here to play my guitar not have to dodge shit. Highley educated, my ass. Thats all I remeber. Okay, I was up front center and I saw everything from cups, jack bottles, underwear, bras, shoes(where a big one) shirts, purses..some lady behind me grabbed her purse and thew it, but the security guard caught it. In Napoleon Dynamites words; Fucking Idiot(s)
  11. If you add me to MSN i can send you the one that my friend recorded at the vouge, i love it its a great song.
  12. He is making a "best of" soon. I belive he said it would be called "So far, So good" That is all that I have heard about a new CD.
  13. I was completly appauled when the 911 attacks happend every single news station was " we have sent --- reported down there to get in on the action" or "we got this image first, thats why we are better" nothing was sympathy for the lost, just omg ratings rating ratings!
  14. I made it in school - where I had all the supplies available. I can paint, although I don't. it was just for school. That painting is pretty easy you should try it. I'm not in vancouver although I may be going sometime in the near/relatively near future Crap, oh well. its really good.
  15. I love it, would you be interested in making one for me? (provided I pay you of course.) messege me.
  16. man that show was just amazing, hearing him practice oh my god. I heard songs that i had never heard live before it was amazing
  17. oh the sarcasm, i love it. ;)
  18. I got mine but I still got a flu mixed with a viral infection, they where battling each other, it was whore-rible.(its offical, im a dork) :angry: I got mine and I got a cold but nothing as bad as what my brother got, he didn't get his. My mom got the same amount of illness I did. I didn't believe in it but I do now. Well at least they worked for you!
  19. I got mine but I still got a flu mixed with a viral infection, they where battling each other, it was whore-rible.(its offical, im a dork) :angry:
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