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  1. about the same but add Near Fantastica:D
  2. Have you seen In A Coma? He posts on there almost daily...
  3. I met Matthew before LOTGA came out, then when I recognized the name on the CD, I bought it and vowa-la, the obsession stared. B)
  4. ...thats a really good line. for is so true.
  5. ahh giant. I love that song.
  6. I wasn`t to fond of it simply beacuse they never had a target audience, it could be for kids, but then why are people dying in every other scene, and it`s almost to fake to be make for adults. aswell jim carey, although hes a hillarious man, his characters where all just typical Jim. The good side of the movie was the young actors/actresses, they`re where amazing in my opinion.
  7. Same with my dad, apperently the Hurcules is on display somewhere... ;)
  8. i ended up going on a guilt trip, beacuse i didn`t want my mom going by herself but i found this moving actually convincing in this film. any others opinions?
  9. it was good, it was too jumpy though, and they didn`t really get into any of the characters. however the twist was amazing. I liked the first one better.
  10. ... that would be awesome.
  11. suburbia, obviously...and blue skys, and fated, and near fantastica, and oh crap they`re all gold. ;)
  12. God-damn, he had better come back to Vancouver when I have money.
  13. I remember a post of his from last tour saying how he liked playing at The Port Theatre, [Nanaimo] he was actually practicing there before the avalanche tour - he should come here... i hope.... :angry: if he does people can stay at my house. Especially Crusader ;)
  14. this is what the setlist was only the flip a coin was put out your lights and old mans gray.
  15. i was up front getting spit on by matt, then again i waited outside the vouge with my friend since 9am that morning. its fucking worth it. =)
  16. same i have one in my wallet and my signed ones on my wall.
  17. i think they might be too big to send via e-mail... ;)
  18. Hahaha, oh god that was funny.
  19. suburbia87

    New Video

    I agree with you for the most part but I can`t help but want him to just say fuck it, and make videos for us, the fans - i mean if muchmusics "greatest hits" involve people running arround with no clothes bopping their heads to shitty rap tunes, then so be it. If there can be ten-thousand bands that sound like nickelback, then why should he care about it? He should make the music for himself and for the people who want it.... I`ll still be skipping work to buy his CD`s or run on here to buy his new single online it is rather depressing to watch muchmusic these days. I keep wanting to shoot my TV.
  20. i met matt on a ferry a few weeks before he released LOTGA, after reccognizing him on the cover I bought it. and thus the obsession grew. ;)
  21. I have C.C pony boy and all together. if anyone wants it just add me to msn.
  22. haha i`m glad you like it i was rather worried people on here would start with the "omg...do you have a life" hahaha ;) :angry:
  23. I belive the limited avalanche had a red clearish thingy on the front instead of the just blue...but i don`t know. i`m just assuming beacuse i have one of both. :angry:
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