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  1. how sad i went on and i was the only one on. ;)
  2. yeah HMV are idiots. i was on the waiting list since the day i heard about the new CD [WLARRR] and they said id get it then i actually saw the poster they said id get it, then i went in one day and i wasn`t there. but i already have two. and i`m crazy, and i have no life so I have a massive collage in my room with two posters that are framed. lets see if i can link this right... *hopes* http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v30/subu...87/Mattside.bmp since that was taken ian and pats drums sticks have fallen. boo erns. ahh well.
  3. In alphabetical order Bespin, the Betrayal Corporate America Daddy's Got a Brand New Van No. 9 Reprise Slow and Low Subjugate Me Some of them are fucking hilarious. Do you love me now? How 'bout now? No, you tire me. Do you love me now? Do you want to make looove to me? How about now? haha Daddy`s Got a Brand New Van is hillarious. i think i might still have some if its not on the site or something, i haven`t looked. and i`m too tired right now. but anton if you don`t, which i`m pretty sure you do...let me know.
  4. hahaha i`ll see you there buddy ;) remeber to find me after the show okees?
  5. haha i got shivers one time while driving and listening to him =) mmm goodness.
  6. Ryan... I think I know him. is nelson on this board?
  7. Well? who will i be seeing on the 10th at the Vouge? ;)
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