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  1. I think your cover is awesome. Great work!
  2. Based on my first few listens, another solid record from Mr. Good. Like many of his albums, and indeed many of my favourite albums by other artists, it took a while to grow on me, but now I think it's great. I don't think there's a single weak track on Vancouver. Standouts for me at the moment are On Nights Like Tonight, The Vancouver National Anthem and Empty's Theme Park. I might have a different top three after my next listen. Last Parade is a vast improvement over the demo version (when it was called Portrait Of An Artist In The Jungle). I like the beats in Fought To Fight It, and the woma
  3. Random order: 1. Matthew Good (and his Band) 2. Pearl Jam 3. Incubus 4. System of a Down 5. The Tragically Hip 6. Metallica 7. Led Zeppelin 8. Jimmy Eat World 9. Sam Roberts 10. Rage Against The Machine That could change at any time, depending on my mood.
  4. It's got some really beautiful songs on it...Morning Moon, Coffee Girl, Depression Suite and Queen Of The Furrows are songs that stick out for me. Definitely mellow music for the most part, especially after In Between Evolution and World Container. It's even more laid back than In Violet Light.
  5. Put It Off is great. Other underrated Hip songs (IMHO) are Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin' Man, Flamenco, The Dark Canuck, A Beautiful Thing, Tiger The Lion, On The Verge, Inevitability Of Death, Vapour Trails, Chagrin Falls, The Bear, Heart Of The Melt, The Drop Off...I'll stop there I think.
  6. Creed's Three Puddle Staind Theories of a Nickelfault. Did I miss any? Agreed on Spiritual Machines, great album.
  7. The live bootlegs of A Long Way Down from the Avalanche tour that I've heard have added guitar parts that sound great. Other great songs live are Avalanche, Pledge, Fantastica, Giant (this is best as an encore opener, with the crowd chanting the "kickass" part until the recording of the cheerleaders comes on), Apparitions (love the Massey Hall version), Blue Skies, Suburbia, Time Bomb (when he lets the audience sing the chorus at the end), 99%, I'm A Window...etc. I'm gonna stop there, I could go on forever lol.
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