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  1. Thanks for sharing this, these are really interesting covers, and really fantastic as well. I hope they put a few more together!
  2. They can plan for that, but there is a chance the pandemic won't reach full saturation until sometime in the winter. For the Regina show, the venue has just sent an email stating that all tickets are being refunded immediately.
  3. My wife and I are considering not attending the Regina show due to COVID-19 concerns. Timing sucks, but health comes first, especially protecting those who have weak immune systems. The entire reason we skipped the last two tours is because she underwent treatment for her MS which knocked her immune system to 0 (basically chemo). She is back to normal now, but if this virus had been around last year, there is a good chance she could have died from it. I don't want to take that risk of passing it to someone else in the same situation. Doubly sucks because Matt is playing songs from Something Like a Storm, which I was very sad at missing.
  4. So is the show going on with just OLP? I wonder if people could get a refund due to the change in show, if they wanted?
  5. I think the difference is that it has become painfully clear that Raine Maida was not the creative force behind OLP's original 4 records (Naveed, Clumsy, Happiness..., and Spiritual Machines). Their music changed massively when Mike Turner (guitarist) and Arnold Lanni (producer) left the band. Most of the albums since then have been bad to middling, with the occasional good song mixed in. The only original member of the band is now Maida, and his voice is a shell of what it once was (not entirely his fault, it's probably mostly aging). Their first four albums still hold a special place in my heart, but their sound has been entirely simplified and dumbed down, and I just don't care much any more. I've seen them live 2 or 3 times and it was enjoyable, but there's nothing drawing me back in. Anyway, the difference between MGB and OLP's lineups changing is that Matt was clearly the creative force behind the MGB (certainly in collaboration), while with OLP Raine was mostly there for his unique voice.
  6. Based on what Matt said (especially about having a second tour perhaps later in the year), I'll probably be skipping this one. I'd hate to miss songs that I will possibly never hear again (I would kick myself if I never heard Bullets in a Briefcase with a full band), but I'm not paying $500+ and travel 7 hours just to possibly hear that song and a few more, plus the singles. I hope the second tour he does later in the year would be for the album, but even if it's an acoustic one then I will be there. Unlike others, I'm not a huge fan of a huge acoustic show going through his career. The reason is that while I love many of his songs that work well solo...I also feel that many of them don't. As an example, I enjoy hearing Apparitions on acoustic, but if I'm going to hear Near Fantastica or Non Populus, it's got to be with a full band. Changing an instrument-heavy piece to a single acoustic guitar only really retains the lyrics, and while the lyrics to Matt's songs are usually great, it's his sound that I love. Some songs just work much, much better with a full band. EDIT - And while I think that discussing Matt's personal issues is completely fair game on a site since he is a public figure (though the forum operators have a right to ban such discussion, as they clearly have), it's in bad taste to contact him directly, unsolicited.
  7. Unfortunately for those of us living 5-7 hours away from a show (Regina, SK), we don't have the luxury of making that choice. I either get tickets well in advance and book off the 2-3 days needed for travel, plus hotels, etc, or I don't go. I still don't know what to do. I think the only option that would work is Calgary, but I know nothing of the venue. Has anyone had experience with it? A former coworker of mine said it wasn't that great. I think I will wait for general tickets to go on sale before committing anyway. I would really love to wait and see what songs are being played, but I don't know if that is an option considering how short the tour is before it gets to Calgary.
  8. And it's like, do I pass up a chance to see Matt? Even if he only plays 2 or 3 songs off of the new album, this might be the only time he ever plays them. I wish Matt was here to explain the rationale for the tour. He doesn't owe us anything as fans, but I would be interested to know why he chose this tour, and if it will result in the sacrifice of set length. If I knew this was basically a full double show, then I would buy a ticket right now. But I just don't know if I want to drive 7 hours to Calgary, pay $100 for tickets, $250 for a hotel room for two nights, and then gas and eating out expenses for a show where I will maybe only hear his singles.
  9. And unfortunately this will likely mean that there are more OLP fans than MG fans in attendance. You know those people that shout out "play Hello Time Bomb!" 7 minutes into a show? A whole crowd full. I know that this makes a tour much more economically viable, so I understand why Matt would be doing it, but it sucks as a fan who wants to see more of him. On the other hand, he might say that it allows him to tour at all, which means we see any of him. Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it, though.
  10. Man...not what I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, OLP puts on a surprisingly good show...but a co-headlined show means it's all singles, all the time. Instead of 14-15 songs, I'd expect 9-10 songs for Matt. So: Apparitions Load Me Up Hello Time Bomb Weapon Born Losers Alert Status Red Giant Decades Bullets in a Briefcase + one more, maybe? Can we expect anything else, realistically? I'll also be disappointed if he does add more solo shows at the end of the tour in BC, as the rest of Canada will be completely missing out. Also, they are skipping Saskatchewan entirely, so that means a 5+ hour drive at the minimum, and the MB and AB shows are during the week, so at least 2 days off work/school. Is it worth it for a singles show? If I knew right now that he'd be doing a normal-length show (so in other words, each band does a full set) then I would buy tomorrow for Winnipeg or Calgary. But there's no way to know unless Matt comments here. I don't want to spend $400+ for tickets, hotels, gas, and also time off work/school so we can go to a show full of songs I have heard 5+ times, plus OLP (who aren't exactly at the top of their game). I'm really torn on this. I was hoping for an awesome show to celebrate and awesome new album.
  11. So after having had a while to absorb it, I think I would rank the songs in these tiers: 1. Bullets in a Briefcase (10/10) 2. This is Night (9/10) 2. Bad Guys Win (9/10) 2. Something Like a Storm (8.5/10) 3. Days Come Down (8/10) 3. Decades (7.5/10) 4. She's Got You Where She Wants You (7/10) 4. There the First Time (6/10) 5. Men at the Door (5/10) I mostly skip the bottom 3 songs on listen-throughs.
  12. What difficult time are you referring to?
  13. From the sounds of it, we will probably be seeing Matt on tour sometime in early 2018. I am quite excited, especially to hear the new songs. However, I've heard it being discussed that he may plan to play fewer new songs on the tour, and instead pull a few deeper cuts out from retirement. Is there basis to this discussion? While I would love to hear some deep cuts, I also want to hear this new album in as close to its entirety as possible. People who live on the end of a tour get to hear some cool stuff, but those of us in the great middle (AB/SK/MB) usually have less song selection, and we often can't visit more than one show due to the distances involved. If I lived in Vancouver or Toronto I would be getting tickets to at least two shows, but living in Regina means I usually have to travel at least 2.5 hours (Saskatoon) for a show, and often 5 (Winnipeg) or 8 (Edmonton). Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that Matt is still making amazing music and is touring regularly, but I am conflicted on how much old vs. new stuff I want to hear! Personally, I hope he plays most of the new album on this tour, as it's just amazing stuff. I can't wait to hear Something Like a Storm, Bad Guys Win, and Bullets live. I would also gladly pay $150 (or whatever) to see a 4-hour show like he says he would like to do if the market could support it. I love double-set shows.
  14. It's directly taken from The Lone Gunman, one of his previous demos! Recorded around the time he did Vancouver, I believe.
  15. Just started my listen-through on Spotify. VERY excited! From the sounds of you guys, this could be one of his best albums in years! I don't care when the tour is, I will be there. And if he doesn't come to Regina, I'll make the trip to Winnipeg or Edmonton again. :) So I told my girlfriend that the new album is out, and I guess she decided to listen to it at work. In the past she has been an avid opponent of MG's music, lol, except for one or two of his older songs. However, I've been dragging her to shows across western Canada over the last 3 years, and she REALLY liked Cloudbusting and a few of the tracks off of Chaotic Neutral. She was excited because we were in Winnipeg and he sang right next to her for Army of Lions. Anyway, she just finished the album and says she really liked it, and especially liked Something Like a Storm. This is really surprising for me, as she normally listens to rap and poppy music. So, a win for MG I guess! She was a guaranteed ticket at future shows anyway thanks to me, but now she will be enjoying it! As for me, I'm loving the album. Just listening to Bullets in a Briefcase as I type this, and it's beautiful. Standouts for me have been Bad Guys Win, Days Come Down, and Bullets in a Briefcase.
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