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  1. Just got back from post concert drinks and festivities. Swear filter beware. *******************************************************************. That was a great show. EDITED SETLIST: Ottawa, ON - NAC - December 11th 2009 It's Been a while Since I Was Your Man Born Losers The Boy Who Could Explode Load Me Up/Love Will Tear Us Apart <- Awesome. Last Parade Great Whales of the Sea The Future is X-Rated On Nights Like Tonight Avalanche Volcanoes Apparitions Weapon <- So tight. Album quality folks. Encore: Giant Us Remains Impossible A Silent Army in the Trees Empty's Theme Park <- Just wow. Wow!
  2. Ottawa! Doors at 8. What time has Mother Mother taken the stage? 9 ish? Matt on 9:45 - 10 ? Cheers. I will attempt to remember the setlist however I'm usually stuck in awe mode.
  3. No typo. Not that I care. I'm so glad I play vinyl rather than just looking at it & or selling it on ebay. Sounds soooooooo much better than the stream!
  4. So now the first printing is a ridiculous collectable! Have to check on mine. Haven't opened it yet! Waiting for the fiance to come home
  5. I'm really digging Lone Gunman as well. I've been dragging and dropping it into winamp blindly to see how it messes up Vancouver's flow! Empty's theme park is perfect ending. What an epic song. I didn't even realize I was home, sitting in a silent car just taking it all after it finished.
  6. Wait was it Massey Hall or the Mod Club?
  7. Cool. Last Parade acoustic is something I'd like to here. Thanks for the pics.
  8. Not received in Ottawa yet. (MapleMusic) I may just head to HMV and give the other copy to my brother in law (When it arrives) Oh and Hello all. EDIT: I was supposed to quote there...
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