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  1. Not sure if anyone here is a fan of The Tea Party but Jeff Martin has a new album out called The Ground Cries Out. You can find out any info you need from here. I think it is available on amazon.ca as well although the shipping costs for having it shipped to the US were ridiculous so it wasn't an option for me.
  2. I really love Megadeth. I used to be big time into them and they were my favorite band for a couple years a long time ago. Holy Wars is one of my favorite songs from them, but I didn't hear it right away. I started out with the Countdown to Extinction album because I heard Symphony Of Destruction on the radio. Eventually I moved on to Pantera but always remained interested in Megadeth. Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction
  3. Dave Matthews Band has a fantastic fan created database called the DMBAlmanac. You can click on a DMB song such as Two Step or Typical Situation and there is a list of when it was played or when it was played with a certain guest. Since DMB has allowed taping during their entire existence, you can listen to any song on there from almost any date you want. Not trying to pimp DMB or anything but I thought you guys might want to use this as a model. It really does come in handy and is very interesting to look through.
  4. Great job on this Kevin. ;) Sort of A Protest Song While We Were Hunting Rabbits
  5. 1) Suburbia 2) Sort Of A Protest Song 3) Avalanche 4) Weapon 5) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 1) Near Fantastica 2) Advertising On Police Cars 3) Man Of Action 4) Prime Time Deliverance 5) The Rat Who Would Be King
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