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  1. He said that he would run is Sacha (Turdeau's son) would run for PM - then said he is not his bother - referring to Justin Trudeau who i believe has an interest in running. The i realize i just said that on national TV si that Being the Son of Pierre Trudeau is a big thing when it comes to politics and maybe Matt didn't think comparing them was the most fair thing to do.
  2. PlasticBag


    Does anyone know if there is a plan to record the piano+vocals version of Rabbits? or if there is a high quality mp3 from a live show.?
  3. there was also an acoustic Carmerlina back in the day. never heard it but heard of it. i would love to hear some of these as there are a few that i have never heard.
  4. A Short Time on Earth is a rearranged version or Die Like Kings... i prefer the die like kings version.
  5. Does anyone have high res images of MG's single artwork? i like to keep my itunes all updated with this sort of stuff and the artwork would go a long way.
  6. Does anyone have high Res copies of the cover art for the Radio Singles?
  7. PlasticBag


    Any good sites out there for MG(b) guitar tabs? Mgtabarcihive has not been updated since WLRRR. anyone know where HM and Van tabs are?
  8. Last night was a good show, but Empty's is not a good song live. IMO. What was that last song he played? new? cover?
  9. odd that for someone who seemed so meticulous with his videos that matt has little chages like this in them.
  10. muse MG Pearl JAm Manic Street Preachers Radiohead Stereophonics Travis Oasis Soundgarden Goo Goo Dolls
  11. when... get a grip was my first album the hun;s yellow pages runningforhome.net and its fantastic dossier when the simpsons was still worth being home for at 8 on sunday. hockey sticks were made of wood and tiger woods was not a man whore... are at least not a public one.
  12. not normally as fan of tatintino but i liked it. over the top in some areas but hilarious in others.
  13. nothing for me:( too bad. i will have to settle for just the 18th.
  14. i would imagine that a full tour will be announced. they are probably negotiating venues or dates. but they had to announce something.
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