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  1. Finally finished The Confession, what a dud. Now I'm on Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan's final installment in their vampire trilogy, "The Night Eternal". Book 1 and 2 were nothing short of phenomenal, I expect the 3rd to be as well.
  2. I'm now re-playing Batman Arkham City, so fucking awesome. Easily one of the best games I've ever played, just wish it was a tad longer. Got all the DLC's now so that's new content to entertain.
  3. Their main beef is "They make more in Alberta!". Yeah, and? They make less in Newfoundland, whats your fucking point? Everyone earns more in Alberta; plumbers, electricians, mechanics, teachers, government employees, Alberta's economy rocks BC's atm. Doctors earn far more in the States, should our Canadian doctors strike because someone somewhere else has it better? If I thought half the teachers out there gave a fuck, I'd support them, but in all of high school I had 3 teachers that were competent and seemed to genuinely give a shit. Most them were really there for the paycheque and seemed to hate teaching and barely tolerate the students, or were massively fucking incompetent. I say get the cock out of your ass and get to work. If you like Alberta's wages better, move there.
  4. If I could, I would. Best personality, average looks, or average personality, best looks?
  5. lol alright thanks, appreciate your advice, I found one for 20 I thought was a steal of a deal.
  6. That was my thought with BF3 as well, but if ME3 is anything like BF3, you have to play it through Origin even on singleplayer, and Origin was half the problems with BF3's crashes. I have more than enough games to keep me occupied atm, I will wait a few months before getting ME3. I love EA games but their launches are always so fucked.
  7. Even if I just wanted to own it for the sake of having it? You can find it for less?
  8. Teah I recognized the lyrics as being from it but wasn't sure it ever was solo. Thanks for the confirmation :)
  9. I found a guy selling a copy of Loser ANthems for 20 bucks. Is it worth it?
  10. Superbad, for prolly the 10th time. "Prepare to be fucked by the long dick of the law!"
  11. Now on a totally unrelated subject; in the lyrics section there's a song called "Dawn" but I have never heard of it. Its not on youtube or anything else I've browsed. Anyone know if/where I can hear it?
  12. I'm sure they'll fuck up the full version's playability in time for its launch. Wouldn't be an EA game if they didn't.
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