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  1. Drat, Stu's a good Caper and comes from a great family of musicians - small wonder he was playing with Matt. Blake was always great to watch and listen to too, so much energy. Those are some big shoes to fill...
  2. Sadly, there's only 10 episodes per season for GoT, so this Sunday is the finale. Lame, but on the bright side new book in less than a month!
  3. I'd say the permanent solution to that would be to move to Toronto. ;)
  4. I love it but then again I've been a fan of the books for a while now. Love how faithful they've been to them so far and any extra bits they've added are for the benefit of those new to the series. Added scenes tend to flesh out the relationships between certain characters a bit more, which is completely understandable. I'll say the first few episodes might be a touch slow for some folks but it's worth the wait as they do need to set up the world for a while before they can start messing with it in a way that the audience will understand. It might sound like a bit of an investment but at least
  5. Hope everyone remembers to exercise their democratic right today, and remember kids: if you don't vote, the commies win. But seriously get out there and vote, even if it's only for the sake of giving a party some funding.
  6. I agree there's plenty of haters out there, but don't be so sure about going back to the polls. The electorate is going to be sick and tired of election talk and if the government falls again I wouldn't be surprised to see a slight bump up for the Conservatives from whatever they end up with in this campaign. The call for a majority government might sound a little better to those voters who are really sick of voting as often as we have been over the last 7-8 years, as awful as that sounds. They might just give Harper the majority he's asking for - and the Cons have been polling near majority t
  7. Does any political party think that they're going to retain viewer's attention with attack ads during the playoffs? Silly politicians, it's Cup Season!
  8. Anyone watch the debates this week? I only caught the English one but kinda zoned out halfway through, too long and lackluster. Heard the French version was a bit more lively but I've been trying to study. That and playoffs create a perfect storm of procrastination...
  9. Hold on now - the Bank of Canada has far more influence over the value of our dollar than any other apparatus. It's monetary vs. fiscal policy here and the government can't really influence the value of our dollar, as interest rates are set by the BoC in addition to all other aspects of monetary policy. The government cannot influence this, they only exert control over fiscal policy (taxing and spending). Additionally, we are a oil producing country and that has much more of an effect on our dollar than any other commodity we produce. When oil prices go up, so does the value of our dollar - it
  10. 7 years? Sure, signs of impending doom might have been visible in 2007 but it didn't really come into force until later in their rule and there wasn't much they could do about it. When you rely on the US as your biggest trading partner, anything that happens in there is bound to have an effect on us and there wasn't a whole lot they could have done. Also, c'mon, we're talking politics here. When are they ever efficient? I'll be voting for sure, but I wish that the 40-60% that don't vote would instead come out and spoil their ballots. That would actually send a clear message to the parties
  11. I'm loving this discourse, it's always great to get a snapshot of how the thought process and reasoning comes into being behind the music, though I'm no musical genius and don't understand all of it. I did my best to stay away from the demos as I listened far too much to Vancouver when it was available on the website and I feel I haven't been able to enjoy it as much as all of Matt's other records. Lesson learned, I couldn't help but listen to the first single and I'll admit I wasn't overwhelmed with it but I was still going to pick up the album regardless. But then Non-Populus... woah. No
  12. I agree with the timing aspect - Bev Oda, contempt of Parliament, the X-35 debacle, lack of a strong voice on environmental policy, lack of a security council seat, stimulus spending, etc... but what bothers me is how little this seems to have bothered the public. There's no cry of outrage and the opposition hasn't even really played up these bungles to their full capacity. Harper's had them reacting to his moves for the past few years and making them look and sound largely ineffective. My mildly-realistic hopes are for a severely reduced minority for Harper that will see him resign from
  13. The Forum - IT LIVES!!! All jokes aside, looks like we're destined for another federal election ladies and gents. The Bloc, NDP and Liberals have all withdrawn support for the budget and the 'Harper Government' will be falling this Friday on either the budget or a motion of non-confidence in regard to the Conservatives being in contempt of Parliament. Opinions, thoughts, comments, rants? Let's try and keep it civil now... as civil as politics can get anyway.
  14. Looks like the whole site is going to be re-done and should be launched on or before March 21. Lots of work for Matt lately... Also, any M+ members that are reading this and not the website - check out M+ ASAP for an important announcement about site/account migration.
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