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  1. Abbotsford was thoroughly awesome, he sounded quite awesome singing as usual but seemed pretty mumbly when speaking and definitely kept the banter to a minimum compared with other shows I’ve attended (all completely understandable of course). I meant to take notes on the set list but got too focused on the performance to bother.
  2. Latest MG Instagram post (I think from this morning) states he is leaving the hospital and intends to play the last two shows of the tour. He asks for understanding for any potential hiccup that may occur. In awe of his fortitude and truly hope it goes well. I do have tix for the Abbotsford show so I am a little nervous, not about the prospect of cancellation but that MG may be pushing himself too hard.
  3. Haha, it sure is. I can drive to Abbotsford fairly easily, would have flown to Halifax.
  4. Scheduling issues were such that I had to sell my tix for the Halifax show which is kinda lame. Will be able to make the Abbotsford show instead though.
  5. I don't have a very impressive collection whatsoever. The only physical copy of any of the music I have is the In a Coma deluxe edition, everything else is the digital version. I have a t shirt and a hoodie from the I Miss New Wave tour. Have a signed poster from the Lights of Endangered Species acoustic tour and a signed copy At Last There is Nothing Left to Say.
  6. Ah, I didn't know about any of that and you're right there is a difference between lending your work to a different creative project like a film or TV show and doing an advertisement.
  7. Wonder if MG would ever have gone for something like that or would that be selling out?
  8. Not in my case, I generally liked Force Awakens. I'd say to go from not being a kids' movie to being a kids' movie is enough of a change in tone to ruin it for me. The original trilogy had artistic merit and there were grave doubts about whether the first film would even be a financial success. Some of the actors were convinced it would a footnote in film history that would likely go straight to television. This latest film just rides on the coat tails of Star Wars brand recognition and panders to a target market (for example the cutesy space penguins, the attempts at comedy, etc.) Imagine if for some reason they made a Dark City 2 and it was now a slapstick comedy, that's kinda how this flick feels.
  9. I'd give it a C-. The story wasn't very compelling, but my biggest objection was that the it's basically a children's movie. While the original trilogy was mostly appropriate for kids it wasn't made for kids, this film definitely was. It almost felt like everything was dumbed down somehow, for example the heavy use of comic relief... which by the way, usually seemed entirely off-key. It just didn't feel like a Star Wars film. Pretty disappointed.
  10. I don't think there is a definitive, universal right answer to the general question, at least not always. Sure one can look at things like the severity and veracity of the offense along with contextual factors, but different people will find different places to draw the line within those factors. Sure some cases are clear cut; Polanski should never receive another dime from anyone, for example. However what of murkier instances? Mike Smith of TPB fame was accused of domestic battery by a third party, however even the alleged victim denies the offense took place. In this case, Smith probably doesn't cross my line, but others feel differently. Or suppose the artist is from a different historic and/or cultural context. Does one avoid Dostoyevsky because of his antisemitism, or does one consider that this attitude was extremely common in 19th century Russia and most people apparently didn't know better? Does it change things that he's been dead for well over a century and thus isn't personally made wealthier from book sales? Again, in my case I don't have a problem reading Dostoyevsky, some do. In contrast, I would take issue with buying anything from a modern-day antisemite.
  11. Admittedly some pre-MGB stuff would be thoroughly awesome but in any case I've never gone to any MG show with any set of expectations. When you have a career that spans decades it's just not possible to appease everybody.
  12. Got tickets for the Halifax show. I've been to Canada many times but it's always been either Vancouver or Victoria... figured I'd like to experience something different for once. Pretty stoked.
  13. I guess I'd echo many of the others here: missing out on live shows during earlier periods in MG/B history. I got into it when I was a high school kid in Oregon. I think it was around 2003 and his music influenced me probably more than any other artist in my 8000+ song music collection. But I couldn't have traveled to Canada at the time and his few shows in the US tended to be in 21+ venues. I don't think I was finally able to attend an MG show till the Vancouver tour so I missed a lot. It's why I was so pleased with the Beautiful Midnight revisit, felt like there was my chance to experience some of that.
  14. Made another nostalgia visit just to remember those good ole days.
  15. It started as a fairly compelling show, but then slowly the characters all became caricatures of themselves. The last season was especially bad on top of awkwardly being loaded with obnoxiously bad left-wing propaganda.
  16. Honestly I don't even care which songs will be performed as they were originally and which will be the revisited versions... figure it's gonna be brilliant either way. Started listening to MG/B when I was around 16 and at the time certainly couldn't afford to go to Canada for any shows and couldn't attend the less-common shows in the USA as they were generally in 21+ venues... seems like they'd have been mostly 19+ in Canada anyways. In more recent years I've seen MG twice in Portland (once with a band when Vancouver came out, and also a solo acoustic show for the Lights of Endangered Species tour). So to see a show focused on Beautiful Midnight at time when I can easily make it has me more stoked than I'd been for show in a long time.
  17. Well the day of reckoning is here...
  18. I was very into WWF up until maybe 1999 or 2000. As a middle schooler I somehow believed despite having heard "wrestling is fake" that it was somehow only partially fake, that the storylines were essentially true and that the wrestling was somehow still mostly real. Maybe my recall isn't that great but it felt like it was around 2000 or 2001 that plots and so forth got so absurd I was no longer capable of suspending my disbelief.
  19. The way I see it. Hillary and Trump are the worst two choices, maybe even in that order. Trump for obvious reasons and Hillary because she is a fraud that has been purchased, completely devoid of principles, and can not in the slightest be trusted to have any real regard for the will of people.
  20. @sly It's an interesting way to look at it but not quite compelling (at least to me). 1. You can't be sure that you don't lose anything by believing something that is untrue. If obedience to a supernatural authority is a priority, then it is impossible to say how one's life would have turned out if it were not. I often wonder how different my life would be today had I not spent 20+ years as a Christian, it's just not possible to know for sure. Religions tend to have (often nonsensical) rules about what you're allowed to do, or wear, or eat, or even what thoughts you're allowed to think... would you potentially not live up to your potential by following rules to appease someone who isn't there? 2. The problem here is that it falsely assumes that one can only choose between Christianity and non-belief. A Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, etc. could also say the exact same thing: if you don't believe you risk losing everything so you best believe. If that were a good reason to believe in a god, why would it necessarily be your god? 3. But probably not. No matter what you believe, most of the rest of world must be wrong. I hate to use canned arguments but humanity worships several thousand different gods so how lucky it is that you happened to born into a family that worships the right one. This wasn't intended to mock or judge, just debate.
  21. It's possible, perhaps even probable, that some Biblical stories are heavily exaggerated iterations of something that genuinely happened. If that is the case though, and the truth behind Noah is that he was just a guy who built a boat that was considered pretty big for the time and had a handful of animals aboard then it becomes so mundane as to no longer need the involvement of any gods. It becomes pointless.
  22. I came by wondering if there had been a second coming of Mrs. Jesus.
  23. It's a fascinating read. Oddly enough I've studied the Bible with a great deal more interest as an atheist than as a Christian. There was a time I tried to strike a balance between historical /scientific evidence and the Bible but found it's an intellectually dishonest and pointless pursuit. For example, I don't have to explain the multitude of reasons why the Noah's Ark story couldn't have happened, and "moderate" concede that point but argue that when the Bible said the flood covered the whole world, it could have meant the known world at the time... which is apparently just that Middle East area. The suspicious thing is, no one actually read it and interpreted that way until they had to when it became obvious that the previous idea was too absurd to be true. And of course these rationalizations often just generate further contradictions. For instance, if it were just a regional flood, wouldn't it have been simpler for Noah and his family to leave the area than to spend 100 years building the biggest wooden ship in human history before or since?
  24. I consider myself an atheist. I used to be an evangelical Christian but it's a belief that has made less and less sense over the years. Even as a kid I was at times suspicious of biblical stories... For example when Moses tries to convince the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go, it is said that God hardens the Pharaoh's heart causing him to say no; then God visits plagues upon Egypt because the Pharaoh did what God made him do. The entire Bible is filled with such logical flaws, historical errors, etc. from cover to cover but it takes a long time for someone deeply indoctrinated to finally see it.
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