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  1. That's pretty cool. Yeah it was at the Flickinger Centre. I remember 30 STM got tons of hate from the crowd. Capricorn closed the set. It was stuffy and in a gym lol.
  2. heh whoops. and I saw 30STM on that tour in Buffalo opening for OLP, must have been around that time.
  3. Matt doesn't owe anybody anything
  4. It makes perfect sense.
  5. She's a professional victim, this is how they operate
  6. he removed the 'having quit music' part now
  7. Don't worry... the people 'cancelling' MG were never MG fans in the first place.
  8. As were the actions of WMC and Breen dropping him. They have reputations to protect, after all, and anyone that hasn't been under a rock for the last 5 years knows that being associated with anyone accused -- however baseless it may be -- of impropriety against a woman, is instant death to their career.
  9. Maybe that's because his view is that there are no victims. You realize that mental illness results in some unpretty things, right? It's not all hashtags and TED talks.
  10. Appears that only the last 3 were released under WMC. Not sure what this means for the future. I'm sure the last 3 albums were not living up to Warner's expectations and they were looking for an out anyway.
  11. So is he still on the streaming services or what? I don't really do those.
  12. Last Wayback Machine scan was on December 4th and he's there. Artists | Warner Music Canada (archive.org) YouTube channel is here and is currently removed: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxel7fCSGaxE-NAKHiFTZCQ
  13. Uh, think you mean left wing. Matt has no influence these days to 'cancel' anyone either. Not that I think he'd ever want to. Lastly, if you read the manifestos in the 90s, or were a part of Lenny's massage (sic) board, these emails are the same Matt we knew back then.
  14. Sounds bizzare that Matt and Dave are interacting.
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