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  1. They're not. Even Warne's MGB albums aren't very dynamic. It's definitely a (good) departure.
  2. Jesus guys it's up in FLAC on Demonoid. If you have an aversion to good sound quality, you can take it and convert it to something lossy. To people that bought the album on 5 different formats and think they've done some good deed, you're idiotic.
  3. probably "come inside of me".
  4. I didn't know Avalanche was on vinyl. How much is it worth?
  5. Hah, I forgot he answered my questions in December 98's 1-900-Idiot Savant. Wish I remembered what my questions were.
  6. I haven't cared at all for the political version of the MG blog. It's not why I got into the MGB, not why I carried onto the solo stuff. The writing style changed from monthly manifestos of wild imagination run amok, to sociopolitical commentary. That's fine. It's just not for me. Matt obviously cares deeply about international politics, and I think his interest was underserved by his free blog anyway. Perhaps freelance writing... I don't know. I'd rather hear exactly what MG is cooking up in the studio, but he makes me pay for that. I don't quite understand the business sense here, as it would pay to entice fans and fans-to-be about the goings-on in the studio. Hiding that information behind a subscription service prohibits the observation of such activity by the masses. That's why artists provide this information for free via Facebook and Twitter.
  7. I doubt you'd sell 5000 of them
  8. Can we go back to 1997 with MG being shrouded in mystery and Lenny Hodgins basically being the mouthpiece for MG, hosting the Thursday chats, please?
  9. Seen MG play 4 times and this Hamilton show was my least favourite of them all.
  10. It's because guess what, Matt is very well-versed politically and George just knows headlines. See the first Hour interview from 2007 for more of George's non-responses to in-depth political banter. Also I feel Matt needs to lay off the "I took 45 Ativan and survived" crutch. Lorazepam isn't the most powerful drug in the world, and I feel Matt uses a lot of these 'scary factoids' coupled with a disgusting smugness he assumed post-MGB. He wasn't always like this. Or maybe he was, but there was always a shroud of mystery that made him more cooler during his tenure with the MGB.
  11. This is the worst situation. They picked the wrong time to stop building them in.
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