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  1. He's never wavered on hating on everything pre-LOTGA, most of LOTGA itself, and more recently Arrows of Desire.
  2. Matt actually signed my guestbook! I have to see if it still exists somehow.
  3. Not sure if you were seeking contributions, but: 1. Avalanche 2. Lights of Endangered Species 3. Vancouver 4. Hospital Music 5. White Light Rock and Roll Review 6. Moving Walls 7. Something Like a Storm 8. Arrows of Desire 9. Chaotic Neutral
  4. Don't forget to add in the Matt Good Signature Hammer-on Thingy
  5. I'm also wondering what happened to OLP's original Superman's Dead video which was scrubbed from existence
  6. You're right. Probably should have kept going on the Lighted path.
  7. I cast off most of WLR&RR because it was dropped very quickly and unexpectedly after Avalanche, a carefully-crafted masterpiece in comparison. I didn't understand it then and still don't.
  8. Is Vancouver really that rare? I have it, just didn't know it was such a limited pressing.
  9. Hah yep that's Lenny Hodgins' page. He was the valet in the Rico video, and has a credit in the Beautiful Midnight booklet. My website was also part of that webring.
  10. They're not. Even Warne's MGB albums aren't very dynamic. It's definitely a (good) departure.
  11. Jesus guys it's up in FLAC on Demonoid. If you have an aversion to good sound quality, you can take it and convert it to something lossy. To people that bought the album on 5 different formats and think they've done some good deed, you're idiotic.
  12. probably "come inside of me".
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