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  1. Do you have any recollection of what was going on when Matt says "press the little red button, it is pressed!" then laughs and says "just go..." before the band launches into Parable on 15 Hours?
  2. I watched the Shaw performance of Native Son again and Ian is definitely playing Zildjian cymbals.
  3. Looks like Arizona's in Thorold.
  4. Is this on now? Odds on how long before it shows up on youtube?
  5. I don't like the whole singing like he's dead thing
  6. Matt would have to give the green light. I doubt he would, as it doesn't contribute to the goal of wiping all traces of it off the earth very well. Thanks for all the insight to everything... Was LOTGA an all digital affair or what kind of consoles and media were being used?
  7. Damn... I still think of him as the new guy.
  8. Hi John Does there exist any masters of Euphony or 15 Hours still? All the copies out there are from a shitty cassette.
  9. He's never wavered on hating on everything pre-LOTGA, most of LOTGA itself, and more recently Arrows of Desire.
  10. Matt actually signed my guestbook! I have to see if it still exists somehow.
  11. Not sure if you were seeking contributions, but: 1. Avalanche 2. Lights of Endangered Species 3. Vancouver 4. Hospital Music 5. White Light Rock and Roll Review 6. Moving Walls 7. Something Like a Storm 8. Arrows of Desire 9. Chaotic Neutral
  12. Don't forget to add in the Matt Good Signature Hammer-on Thingy
  13. I'm also wondering what happened to OLP's original Superman's Dead video which was scrubbed from existence
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