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  1. THe London Setlist was better than in Barrie. I think Volcanoes & Avalanche shold be concert staples. I could do with out HTB & LMU Also, "Empty's Themepark" belongs at the very end of the concert not halfway through like in Barrie. I guess we have differnt perspectives First, "The Boy who could explode" is not a good opener. Even Matt thinks twice about playing "Load me up" anymore. For those who still need this song, try one of the 50 bootlegs circulating. To me it was clear that some songs needed more juice, a keyboard player would have helped, specifically on "Last Parade" It's great on the album when you can layer tracks, but if you listen to it live, it sounds really basic. Odette was an odd choice for a college show, too slow and the crowd was wondering. Empty's Theme park was the best song of the night. I still prefer the album version, but it has that "Avalanche" feel to it, and it's still good live. Giant and Alert Status were good but "Everything is Automatic" was best from the encores. So, me and the guy below don't see eye to eye, but who cares we both liked the show in differnet ways! Billy
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