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    MG (duh ;D)! Music! Filmmaking! Head baker at a kick ass Toronto bakeshop, making me a fan of all things sweet! Avid binge watcher of television and all around homebody.
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    impossible to choose just one...
  1. balls.... thanks for the update... I now may or may not make my third attempt... was also headed to a Toronto record store but yeah... now not so sure... what a disappointment... :(
  2. I've not been able to notice a scratch on mine but then again I have not looked all that hard... I have a Rega P1 turntable that also been tuned just right, I've even tried readjusting the tonearm to play this and its just a no can do type situation. I am also under the impression that its an issue with the batch shipped to amazon (hopefully) and will too be picking one up at a local store this week... looking forward to hearing what happens with your newly purchased copy...
  3. oh my god... I just got my replacement in the mail from Amazon... skips at the EXACT SAME spot again... FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK hduiyfblweiqyfvlqeiywvflwyvchewvqjchvbdhwchjlvbdhjvbchdiwqveuyvufiewvhdbvhjcbvdjlhasbdhjbceiubchdbvhdjbcdhkbkas;nejkwbcvjdkbsuvewqbvbdf;qwvjbw
  4. ALRIGHT YOU LOT, you can get back to your lives now... :dg:
  5. this has been on my to do list for a while...
  6. Really enjoying this album actually. 'Mizzy C' is a great track, really digging it. The closing song, 'Blood' might just be my favourite on the album. Going to be seeing him play this summer for the first time and am super pumped. Have seen AOF but never City & Colour. I dunno, Dallas has yet to disappoint me. (y)
  7. Just went and saw "Anomalisa" last week. Aaaaaaamazing new film from Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine, Being John Malkovich). Incredibly haunting stop-motion film that is just so real seeming its crazy. Loved it.
  8. Seen it twice, loved it. Of course its not perfect. Yes it is just A New Hope with a new skin. But HEY, the chills you get from all of the nostalgia is what makes this movie great. Pumped for the future!
  9. Thanks for the update Matt! Seeing you play this fall was phenomenal as always. And love that you took the kids to Disney!! My bosses did the same with their two year old and came back saying they had a blast. As for the shows, its been my dream to see you play a full acoustic show, and I can guarantee that price is no factor for pretty much everyone on here. Looking forward to whatever you come up with! Tony, such a wonderful post, so glad that you were able overcome your struggles. The post you're referring to is the exact same one that changed my life 8 years ago and got me help for the mental illness I had been struggling with for nearly all of my life. I just love hearing these stories, always brings a smile to me face ^_^ I haven't been on the bored in a very long time, but looking forward to this new year and getting involved again, you all are fantastic!
  10. Love the reissues, so happy that this finally happened!!! I honestly can't even remember the last time I bought a cd, I've been on strictly vinyl for the last 6 years or so so this is just swell :D But has anyone else run into this problem, or just me? I've replayed the song numerous times but cannot seem to fix it. It just gets stuck there <_< https://www.instagram.com/p/BBBVIHvj-IL/ Very disappointed as this was the record I wanted the most. Still have one side of Beautiful Midnight to listen to and all of Raygun, but that is the only issue I've had so far.. suuuuuucks. Gonna be trying to do an exchange.
  11. 1) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 2) Suburbia 3) Weapon 4) Sort of a Protest Song 5) Avalanche 1) Advertising on Police Cars 2) Man of Action 3) Prime Time Deliverance 4) Near Fantastica 5) The Rat Who Would Be King
  12. this reminds me of this site that one of my friend's was hooked on: http://omegle.com/ same kinda thing only without the video aspect... its just typing with a stranger that it pairs you up with... i think it even labels you as 'stranger'.. never bothered trying though.. just seemed kinda awkward to me.
  13. 1) Avalanche 2) Sort Of A Protest Song 3) Suburbia 4) Near Fantastica 5) The Rat Who Would Be King
  14. Awesome, I've been dying to play it, I want to pick it up sometime this week. I just bought Okami for Wii, haven't tried it out yet though (bought it online, should arrive in a day or two..). Have only heard good things about it though.
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