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  1. I finally got my photo essay put together for The Revue featuring Matt's stop in Ottawa. Unfortunately, I'm shooting from the crowd about 7 rows back so many of the images aren't as nicely framed as I would like. You can see the images at the link below: http://therevue.ca/2015/12/15/matthew-good-brings-chaotic-neutral-to-the-nac/ I had an after show pass that night. Although I didn't get to see Matthew as he had already gone to the bus, I did get have a drink and chat with the boys post-show and meet many of the crew. Everyone was really quite friendly and fun to hang with backstage.
  2. I'm looking forward to the NAC show too :) Hoping I hear back from the promoter about a photo pass in time, though that's looking less likely given it's tomorrow. *crossing fingers*
  3. Well cross fingers someone else can make sure you get the goods this time round. Lance is a doll. I was fortunate to go out for drinks with him and the band and a few of the crew last year and had quite a few laughs :) I'm envious for the Red Deer concert tonight who will get the best of both worlds having the acoustic and full band set!!
  4. I was a little saddened to hear that James, Milos and Anthony were not on tour this time (and even Lance.. I've not seen a tour without Lance!) but the overall experience in this forum seems to be that the shows have been going spectacularly. Looking forward to the Ottawa stop :)
  5. I have tix for the Ottawa show. I, too, am surprised there's no VIP package for here.
  6. I listened to the first post but for the remainder, I've decided to download them and save listening until after I see the MTL show. I'm glad it's soon :)
  7. James Reid is on guitar this tour, as he was on the LOES tour.
  8. I'm super excited about the prospect of this, particularly where there's no show in my city this tour.
  9. I'm going so wave if you see me in the crowd :)
  10. I'm hoping that it will be added, but perhaps just due to the proximity it might be overlooked, thinking those with a real interest will go to Montreal, Kingston or Brockville. As for Bluesfest, he has one hour slotted (7-8 pm) on the main stage; you can't go longer because the stage next to it starts at 8pm.
  11. I'm quite enjoying Guns of Carolina which was played acoustically during a recent radio interview.
  12. That was funny.. :) No, sadly I didn't take any photos. I took a chance and brought my gear, but as I didn't have a media pass, I wasn't allowed to enter with it. Shame, because the light and my vantage point was quite amenable to photography.
  13. I saw him at the end when Matt had left the stage and people had shifted to the next performer... but didn't see him during the show. I was right at the front on the left side of the stage (if you were facing Matt).
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