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  1. i dont know how you guys evaluate that GA standing tickets needs a long time wait in the outside cold. okay, maybe if you really, really want to be first row in the middle, but the way it usually happens in montreal for matt, if you get there for the time of doors opening, most people rush to get good seated places rather than for standing in front i think! and montreal usually is the worst place in the world for people wanting to be in front (osheaga still haunts me) and add to this a crazy piece of luck (that's what happened to me at metropolis) i was second row, right in the middle, and after mother mother the guys in front of me left...!!!! great way to celebrate that i saw a matthew good band concert in the same venue, front row, exactly 10 years minus 1 day before. i was a bit bothered by the screaming at massey hall. "i love you matt!!!!" "take it off!!!" right behind my ears, over and over again. at some point i felt like it was a totally different concert and those girls we're about to flash their boobs. plus that guy, 2 rows behind me was talking out so loud i could hardly hear mother mother's set. We gave him looks, over and over, ddnt seem to bother him. so im just saying... quebec city was heaven. you know, one of these few places left where mother mother was better known than matt good and as people were starting to wait, nobody really wanted to be first to take a front spot! many left after MM, tho, others stayed in the venue to drink as its a bar. i find awesomely funny when a drunk guy screamed out loud "'Matthew fucking Good!" I bet he just discovered some great rock music. so my two cents : for an acoustic concert : seats! because i remember my legs being in pain for just standing there for so long. and for full band : standing, because i really enjoy dancing to rock music!
  2. soon to come! my friend took a great HD one of the entire song! it just isnt on youtube yet, will post the link as soon as it is!!
  3. all i could think of full beard was that "mattstradamus" picture in an old issue of chart magazine!
  4. any queues on that concert yet? what should we expect from that show? id like to know if he plays vancouver national anthem hehe. favorite song, dying to have a nice live version of it!
  5. i ddnt had a camera but i really felt like taking a picture of matt and stu's pedals set in quebec city. had them right in my face for once hehe.
  6. i bet you'll end up going. i know you. LOL.
  7. @myburningbridges well have 2 brains to remind of one thing, hopefully that will be enough! ;)
  8. i realized my second matt good concert was at metropolis on december 11th 1999. and i just saw him again at metropolis, 10 years minus one day later, december 10th 2009. anybody else were there 10 years ago? for that moist/mgb concert?
  9. @Moonlight_Graham just to say so, i approve to the message but your signature is really disturbing to me every time i read this forum. i can't handle watching it. *closing my eyes... *and opening them again to watch more of matt good's youtube videos
  10. Nicely done with the picture! ;)

  11. there are no videos of the kitchener incident right? when he asked the guy to leave? I bet it was a pure rock'n'roll moment. i love that he did it, wished i could see it! we read the blog while having diner at the venue in quebec city and he mentioned it onstage too! my friend amy filmed a very nice quality version of "silent army in the trees" in HD 1080! but apparently it ddnt make its way to here!! she gotta come here and post it!! ;) i keep watching it, its awesome!!!
  12. tomorrow will be show #11 for me if im not mistaken, it might be more! first show was back in 99 with MGB! so i saw him at an average of one time a year for the past 10 years, not bad!!! and i love to travel to different cities to see the show, i mean, the atmosphere is always so different! saw him in montreal, quebec, kingston ottawa and toronto ;) I always appreciated matt's music but im in a maze with that new album! I was scared of matt himself... meeting him was not even tempting to me. but i understood lots working with other artists. the difference is that matt does not pretend to be a nice guy. he's just who he is, and i respect that. it took me 10 years to understand this LOL.
  13. wow, ill have to be careful with the words i choose on here especially since english is not my primary language!! you guys are hard on the vocabulary!! i thought the term vinyl was right. anyway im dying to hear this "thing". if only my turn table would actually turn. its the third one i get, they all end up not working after awhile unused. i adore the sound of those, so glad vancouver was released this way! what if we play that record backwards? any evil messages? ;)
  14. im green with jealousy! there were not much details on that contest on matt's site! i know that quebec residents are excluded of many canadian contests. stupid r
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