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  1. I didn't know where to post this, but here's an interview Matt did with Confront Magazine a few weeks back. He had some really nice things to say about people on the bored forums in it: http://www.confrontmagazine.com/2015/10/matthew-good-2/
  2. There is one up now here, but the price is madness.
  3. Adventureland (just thought it was boring) Funny People (felt like one long inside joke I was never meant to understand) 500 Days Of Summer (this one I actually thought was good and well done)
  4. S. Darko (aka Donnie Darko 2) Weak at best, but beautiful visuals.
  5. he's pretty entertaining when he's in this kind of mood.
  6. I'd actually would need to know who has won american idol to answer that... So I'll have to to say... none. ;) Favourite guitarist of all times?
  7. Round 4 Group A 1) Tripoli 2) Advertising on Police Cars 3) Empty's Theme Park Round 4.5 1) We're So Heavy 2) Apparitions 3) Fated 4) Volcanoes
  8. Cloverfield. - I really felt like if I was running from an alien monster, that's how I would feel. Given the choice between time or money, which do you choose?
  9. Ginza (sushi place in Montreal) Favourite bad habit?
  10. Round 2.5 1) Symbolitic White Walls 2) 21st Century Living 3) Truffle Pigs 4) North American For Life Round 3.5 1) On Nights Like Tonight 2) A Silent Army In the Trees 3) Strange Days 4) Giant
  11. i bought my copies of day i forgot, night crawler and music for the morning after in stores in canada. it's out there!!
  12. that's hilarious! Someone mentioned just that at work today.
  13. really? Everyone laughed at that when I saw it. It's a lame name, but who cares really. Doesn't take away from the technical beauty of the film. Still can't get over that...
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