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  1. These are just a few of the many reasons why he needs to put away his accustic for a little while, Does anyone know which show the Near Fantastica video was filmed?
  2. Lullaby for the New World Order and In a World Called Catastrophe. As much as I like that album, those 2 songs really ruin total immersion for me.
  3. 21254...got it the first day of release.
  4. How good is the quality of the CC on the NF Store? I remember it being pretty bad when it was on the HOSAM website.
  5. Has anybody heard anything about the show in Ottawa on Wednesday night?
  6. Carmelina was unexpected and extra sweet;)
  7. Yeah...kinda short, it started around 9:30:( No opening act, either.
  8. All I am doing is printing the email off and taking a couple pieces of ID. You never know how tough it is to get into a MG show in Ottawa ;)
  9. squishead

    4 Minute Mile

    Yeah, that's the Halifax Edgefest version. That concert was good times.
  10. squishead


    A snipet of "Put Out Your Lights" was played before going to commericials during the World Series on Fox, that was pretty strange, for sure.
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