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  1. 1. Disturbed (Sept 20... The SAME day as matt good's greatest hits) 2. 30seconds to Mars
  2. There's something wrong with the poll. We all have the option of voting for the Bloc when we in reality we cannot, unless you live in Quebec and Newbrunswick (I think the Bloc has candidates in Newbrunswick).
  3. Wasn't MTV a channel once about music videos only as well?
  4. Do you ever get the urge to buy KFC when you watch the movie? I do. Then when I get urge, I remind myself of how sick KFC is.
  5. I saw a torrent once of it. That was a very long time ago.
  6. I thought they were labelled as one hit wonder by much music? After that, how can you recover? Much Music is the authority.
  7. I got it for free from KFC when I bought the family meal! I think it's cool how Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson look like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
  8. After Rachel Perry left, I had no reason to watch much music. She so fine.
  9. Skwu


    Odd to see Jamie Foxx in Collateral and Ray, then this.
  10. Does anyone know who's opening for Matthew Good?
  11. What would life be without Simspons and Seinfeld?
  12. Skwu


    Everytime I look at the buddy, I sorta think about the bunny in donnie darko.
  13. Uh, correction. ABsound is NOT selling tickets. I was just down there around 9:40ish. They informed me to head down to Lyle's place. Lyle's place said they were getting some but the tickets had not arrived yet. That was around 10ish. P.S Why would the Zone lie to us?
  14. Usually when the place says nightclub, that means 19+. I check their website in the morning and it was not updated. Now it is! I'm lining up tomorrow morning! I guess I might see some of you but not know it's you in line.
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