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  1. I like pretty much all of his songs so I got to wondering if there was any I didn't like. My pick would be: Little Terror Never like the wah pedal sound in that song, and although I like it, White Light was probably my least favorite album.
  2. The only other artist I like as much as Matthew Good is Joseph Arthur. They have very different sounds but they are the two greatest artists of our generation imo.
  3. I don't understand how anyone can read the Bible straight through and actually believe it is real. Even as a kid I realized that.
  4. Lost In Translation - One of the best movies of all time imo Lord of the Rings Trilogy Once Moon The Dark Knight 500 Days of Summer
  5. I have a Matthew Good Avalanche tour 2003 poster that I will trade for a CD or download of all the unreleased Matthew Good demos. It is not completely mint condition, I would mark it as "fair to good" I also have a Matthew Good Avalanche T-Shirt (worn) if that would sweeten the deal at all.
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