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  1. In September 2002, Matt did a show in Ottawa. The show was promoted in the Carleton U newspaper, but in the promotion they included pics of Dave and Ian, even though the band broke up almost a year before. lol Here's the link: https://archive.org/details/thecharleton32carl/page/86/mode/2up
  2. I'm the one who added Chinese Water Torture, Indestructible and Apparitions to that setlist.fm setlist. lol
  3. Interesting. Here's the link to the review so people don't think I'm crazy. There's also reviews for MGB's other Edgefest sets that year, plus reviews of the sets of the other acts: https://web.archive.org/web/20001017105646/http://www.edgefest.net/cities/coverage.cfm?City=Ottawa&Band=MGB
  4. I was reading a review of MGB's set at Edgefest in Ottawa in 1999. The reviewer wrote that the band played a song called "Chinese Water Torture". I have never heard of this song before. Does anyone else have any info about this song?
  5. I read through em all and found out some interesting things: 1) Matt was inspired to write Deep Six after watching a Noel Gallagher interview: "He was going on about how rock 'n' roll shouldn't mean anything and how you shouldn't really try to say anything. And I was thinking, well, that's pretty weak, but whatever, he's got his f---ing point of view, right? And then he starts going on about how the world's a great place and we're all having a good time. And then I just sat up and said, `Do you wake up on the same planet I do? Why don't you f---ing flip over to CNN and check it out?' That's where I got the line, `I don't know where you think you are.' " 2) Matt was inspired to write Automatic after watching a show on liposuction: "I was watching some show about how this woman had to get this (stuff) sucked out of her hips so she could fit into her dress to go to an opera," says Good. "It's a song about how things are so accessible. People used to worry about things like making sure there was gas in the truck so they could drive their wares to market and now they're worried about getting a new nose. And I find that pathetic." 3) Matt played violin from age 3 to 14. 4) Matt wrote 52 songs for Beautiful Midnight. 5) Matt said Carmelina was "too bass-y". 6) In 2002, Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar called Matt “Matt Average” and then said this: "I don't want to slag the guy, because his music is really good. But why does he have to be such an idiot? Matthew Good is a twerp. He is not nice to anybody. He's nasty to his fans, he's nasty to the press, he's nasty to the record label, he's nasty to the guys in his band. Wake up! You're Matthew Good. You are not Matthew The Great. You're just good." And this is a guy who toured with Matt just a few years before. There's more interesting stuff you may not have known or have forgotten. Here's the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20041012103943/http://www.canoe.com/JamMusicArtistsG/good_matthew.html
  6. The Apparitions video has been blocked on Youtube for 10 years, and now the Everything Is Automatic video is too. The Automatic video was one of the MG videos that wasn't uploaded by Vevo for some reason. I wish the MGB Vevo channel would upload the Automatic and Apparitions videos, but that channel hasn't uploaded anything since 2009 so I'm not counting on it. Maybe Matt could have those videos uploaded on his own channel, but I don't know if he's able to make that happen. I'm starting to get worried that eventually the Strange Days video will get blocked too, which will really infuriate me because it's such a great video.
  7. I just found this internet Q&A Matt did with JAM! Music on November 5, 2001, a time when MGB was in limbo. Matt gave some interesting answers, like when asked if he 'd "ever consider putting out an acoustic album with some of your heavier songs remixed acoustically?", he responded saying "No, not really. No. I f**king hate remixes of s**t. It seems like a perfectly good waste of time when one could be doing something new". Obviously Matt changed his mind about that. Matt's longest and most insightful answer was to the question "Are you satisfied with your career as it stands now?" Matt said no, and talked about "people whining about not getting enough exposure or money" and Dave being a 12 year old. It's a fun, interesting read for an MG fan. Here's the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20041009234910/http://www.canoe.com/JamChat/mgb2.html
  8. There was nothing booked at Rebel for the 12th. I think Rebel would've been a better venue for Matt to play. Only 2500 capacity, as opposed to nearly 3200 for Meridian Hall. The tickets at Rebel would all be GA and wouldn't cost as much as some of the tickets at Meridian. I love Matt, but I don't know if I'd pay over $100 to see him, especially when I've already seen him 9 times.
  9. Matt's Toronto show is in one week and there are still over 900 tickets available. I think Matt's tour organizer may have bitten more than they can chew by booking Matt at Meridian Hall. They probably should've booked Matt at Rebel or for 2 nights at the Danforth like he did last year.
  10. MGB: Deep Six Rico Indestructible Look Happy, It's the End of the World Change of Season MG: In a World Called Catastrophe Poor Man's Grey Us Remains Impossible Zero Orchestra Arrows of Desire I know, I'm a single guy.
  11. Matt's playing the Meridian Hall. That's the biggest venue Matt has played in Toronto in a LONG time for a headlining show.
  12. https://web.archive.org/web/19990209043051/http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stage/2573/
  13. Yesterday was a big day for me as a Matt Good fan. I went to see my first Matt Good solo acoustic show in TO and I also went to the meet and greet before, which was my first time ever talking to Matt. During the Q&A, I asked him if he'd ever be willing to play Rico or Indestructible live again even though he doesn't like those songs, and not surprisingly, he said no, to my disappointment. The show was a great experience. I'm so glad that he played Change of Season, one of my favourites from the MGB days. I wish he played Symbolistic White Walls or Tripoli or Avalanche, but you can't always get what you want, especially with Matt. Still a great show.
  14. There's another Chart article which stated some interesting stuff I didn't know about. When Dave originally quit the band in August 2001, Ryan Dahle (from Age of Electric and Limblifter) was named his temporary replacement. Also, in that same article they say that MGB fans should expect a live album in time for Christmas. What ever happened to that album? Why wasn't it released? Here's the link to that article: https://web.archive.org/web/20030624044412/http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2001/08/2701.cfm
  15. Oh yeah, and here's the link of the article: https://web.archive.org/web/20020106023541/http://www.chartattack.com:80/DAMN/2001/10/0404.cfm
  16. That interview was in September 2001, so it was shortly before the Intimate and Interactive show was announced.
  17. While indulging in my hobby of looking through old music magazine articles online, I stumbled upon something that I never knew about. In October 2001, it was announced that MGB, then still together, were going to perform an Intimate and Interactive set on MuchMusic in November. Unfortunately, before that could happen, the band broke up. Did anyone else know about this? I would've loved to have seen MGB do an Intimate and Interactive set on Much, especially since they were probably gonna perform songs from Audio of Being which was what the performance was promoting.
  18. First of all, I really appreciate that people took the time to make these videos available, so thank you guys very much. I'm not posting these videos to get credit for them as my own. When I uploaded the MGB MMM bio and someone asked how to access the whole bio, I gave the link to Chad's site. I just posted these videos myself so more Matt Good fans and Canadian music fans in general who may not be familiar with this fansite could see them. I didn't ask permission because they were made available to download, so I took that as permission. I'll include a link to Chad's site on everyone of the videos.
  19. I was so eager to get these videos onto Youtube that I saved Dan the trouble and uploaded the videos myself. My channel has almost 5500 subscribers, so people who may not be familiar with this fansite will discover this lost footage too.
  20. Are you sure that Apparitions performance is from the 98 MMVAs? Because Rich is performing with the band, and I thought he didn't join the band till 99. Also, there's footage from the 98 MMVAs from the Much More Music bio which shows Geoff still with the band.
  21. Big move by Matt. I'm thinking that he did this because he has problems with certain comments on his social media pages. If that is the reason, I think this action is completely unnecessary. If he doesn't want to see or he doesn't want people close to him to see certain comments, he can disable commenting on those SM pages. Getting rid of those SM pages completely does a great disservice to himself and his fans. It's a disservice to himself because by having no SM accounts, it makes it harder for himself to promote his music, merchandise and concerts, which means potentially less money for him. And it's a disservice to his fans because we can't read his intelligent and thoughtful comments and writings that we love so much. He doesn't have to post them if he doesn't want to, but that's no reason to get rid of those SM pages. Plus, Matt is making it harder for his fans to connect with him beyond the music. He's distancing himself from his fans, and that's not a smart move when his whole career is based on him having fans and people buying his music, merchandise and concert tickets. I know he got into this business to make music and not to be a celebrity, but sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it too. If he wants to continue to make a decent living making music, he needs to embrace things that he may not like. If he doesn't want to do that, he can try to make a living doing something else, and we all strongly hope he doesn't do that. Does anyone else wanna comment on this?
  22. Mod edit: Full concert listings are available at https://www.nearfantastica.com/concerts/ SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Matt is playing at The Moose and Goose in Thorold, Ontario on June 28th. What's strange is that they haven't announced the show on Matt's website or social media yet. I found out about the show through a friend.
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