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  1. Was Turner animus to Matt? He didn't seem to be animus when he addressed Matt's comments about OLP on Much. OLP was asked about Matt's comments and Turner seemed to not take Matt's comments seriously and made fun of the situation. I don't know if he's said anything other than that though.
  2. Was at the Hamilton show last night. I was hoping that I was going to see Indestructible. I know Matt hates that song and hasn't played it in 10 years, but when I asked Matt during Raine and his Twitter AMA in January if he'd ever play it again, Raine responded saying "I'll do Indestructible if Matt won't". I was excited by that because I actually thought he was being serious, but I guess he wasn't. I was also hoping that Matt would play Tripoli (which I've never seen him play live) because I recall him mentioning that song as one of the songs he'd play on this tour, but he didn't play that so
  3. Exactly. Also found Matt's OHNM interview with Alan Cross there. What a great site that is for a Matt Good superfan. And thanks for showing the link to that audio clip.
  4. Also, what I was really surprised to see was that MGB covered the song "Uncle Fucka" from the South Park movie. I would love to see a clip of that.
  5. In addition to finding that MGB Much More Music Bio, I also found a bunch of MGB setlists from 1998 to 2001. I added them all to setlist.fm, so if there's an MGB show you attended and you wanna see if the setlist for that show is on there, check em out. It's also interesting to just see which songs they frequently played, seldom played and never played. They apparently never played Middle Class Gangsters, The Inescapable Us, and Going All The Way.
  6. I found the MGB MuchMore Music Bio from 2001 and uploaded it to Youtube. The whole Bio hasn't been available on Youtube since like 2009. For those of you who want to watch it, here it is: I needed to edit the video a bit to avoid showing too much MGB music video footage (especially from the Apparitions video). The Bio includes Matt and members of Our Lady Peace talking about Matt's comments about OLP, which is really interesting to watch considering the band is now doing a whole tour together.
  7. I doubt that OLP and Matt will rotate who goes on first and who closes. I'm betting that OLP will close all shows. No offense to Matt, but OLP is the bigger band.
  8. By biggest regret as an MG fan is being born in 1993 and therefore not being able to see Matthew Good Band live.
  9. 20 years ago today, Matthew Good Band released Underdogs, which still today is one of my favourite albums, not just from Matt, but from any artist. The album went on to sell over 200,000 copies (however, it still hasn't received a Double Platinum certification yet). To celebrate the album, I thought I'd ask all the fans on The Bored what they think about the album. What are your favourite songs from the album? Also, in the chance that Matt reads this, I'd like to ask him what he thinks of this album 20 years later and if he'd ever be willing to play more songs from this album live. I was too y
  10. I'm curious as to how much airplay Matt's new singles in recent years have received. Where I live, there's 3 radio stations that would possibly play Matt's songs; CFNY-FM and CIND-FM in Toronto, and CJXY-FM in Hamilton. The last new single of Matt's that received consistent airplay on CFNY was Zero Orchestra. I never once heard CFNY play Had It Coming or All You Sons and Daughters. Sad to see that such a popular station as CFNY has ignored the new music of one of Canada's great alternative rock artists. I heard Had It Coming twice on CJXY when it was released, and one of those times was becaus
  11. Why does everyone here dislike No Liars? It's probably my favourite track from Chaotic Neutral, but that's because I'm a sucker for catchy songs (I also love Rico and Anti-Pop). Also, if you go on Spotify you'll see that No Liars is the second most popular song from the album, only behind All You Sons and Daughters, so many of the album's listeners on Spotify share my likening to the song. So what's so bad about No Liars?
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