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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't found the poster. The person I assume is responsible denies throwing it out, but I suspect they did. Sorry. If by some small chance it does turn up, I will let you know.
  2. I THINK I still have the poster, I just have to find it. I really hope it didn`t get tossed. I`ll post pics if I find it. I also have these 2 backstage passes. Does anyone have any interest in them?
  3. Here are the other 2 shirts: MGBFC Ringer T-Shirt MGB Beautiful Midnight Shirt
  4. Sounds like ebay is the way to go...so most of it`s up there for now. Patch Patch Patch Patch Patch PATCH Jersey JERSEY Black Market Surgery BMS
  5. I thought I would give you guys a chance on here prior to putting them up ebay. Certainly if everyone would prefer the items up on ebay, I can put them there.
  6. Hey, I have a bunch of mgb stuff that I'd sell if there's anyone interested, so let me know. Black Kappa MGBFC Jersey XL - short sleeve 2nd patch (blue/maroon circle patch) X2 Copies of Black Market Surgery book (the book with the monkey mask on the cover - preceeds At Last There is Nothing Left to Say At Last There is Nothing Left to Say book Navy Beautiful Midnight shirt XL (suicidal stickman) Grey MGBFC Ringer t-shirt XL (2nd patch maroon/blue circle patch) "I hear Matt Good's a real asshole" bumper sticker MGBFC 2nd patch (blue/maroon circle one) MGBFC 3rd patch (coat of arms style - gold/black two lions on top) Laminated Beautiful Midnight Poster (I stole from a record store when I was 13) The one with Matt and the band on the front and all the polaroids on the back. Let me know if any of this interests anyone (I can post pics if there is interest) - if not you can see it on ebay in a little while. ;)
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