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  1. I have been to a few shows this tour and I always like to get recordings of the shows I attend. I use torrent sites quite a bit for audience recordings, but I have been unable to find anything of Matt, especially this tour. Does anyone know of any torrent sites where Matt can be found? I frequent about 6 or 7 and have not found a thing.
  2. Reading these posts has convinced me to join M+!!!
  3. IG is by far the best Tarantino film. It's got everything. Truly wonderful.
  4. Let's hope "The Adjustment Bureau" is not another in a long line of butchery of a Philip K. Dick work. He deserves better than what Hollywood usually gives him.
  5. The voiceover version is hard to get now as it is out of print. You might get lucky at a video store as a rental as they may still have a copy lying around. To be honest, your best bet is the 5-disc Special Edition which contains all the versions of the movie including a workprint, the original US and International versions (all with voiceover), the Director's Cut and the Final Cut.
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