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  1. Today I went to Value Village, and to my surprise found Lo-Fi B-Sides by Matthew Good Band for only $3. When I got home, I looked on Wikipedia and saw that it was supposedly worth $250. I could not believe what I was reading. Does anyone else have this EP? How much do you think it's worth now? What should I do with it? Better yet, has anyone found any Matthew Good (Band) rarities at thrift stores? What about rarities in general? This is kind of interesting to me, as I've always hated thrift stores, but now have a whole new respect for them...
  2. I get that non-members can't see certain posts, but we can't seem comments? That's kinda lame. You'd think that being able to see the comments would make people want to be a member even more because they'll see what greatness can come of commenting.
  3. Freaking awesome! And it launched exactly one week before my birthday. I always get really depressed around my birthday, but this will hopefully cheer me up.
  4. Yeah, they're playing Us Remains Impossible on a couple of stations in Calgary too. Not my favorite track from Vancouver, but definitely up there. When I bought my copy of Vancouver, it had a sticker on it that said 'includes Last Parade', and now on the new ones is says 'includes Us Remains Impossible and Last Parade.' It's pretty awesome - I'll go into HMV one week, and they've got maybe 10 copies of Vancouver, and then the next week, they'll have 2.
  5. Sort of a Protest Song While We Were Hunting Rabbits
  6. Awesome, can't wait for M+. On that video that was on his blog a wile ago, outlining the benefits of M+, something didn't seem right. Then I saw that he didn't have a beard. Anyone else notice this? It actually took me a while to see.
  7. Moon over Marin Metal Airplanes Empty Road Running for Home Those songs, to me, are pretty meaningful, and I think dance-able.
  8. Nobody has said Change of Season? I've had that song stuck in my head for the past day and a half. And although people here seem to love Sort of a Protest Song, I think it's underrated. Truffle Pigs is also one of those songs I can listen to a few times a day and not get bored. And then you've got the acoustic version on In a Coma, and that's also quite enjoyable. The acoustic version of Tripoli, too. And Lullaby for the New World Order is one of my all time favorites as far as his solo work goes. The strings are fantastic! I think this is my first post... sorry for reviving a semi-dead thread, I just wanted to share my opinion. Besides, it hasn't been a full two months, right?
  9. I can definitely see potential for this song being a brilliant video. Can't wait.
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