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  1. Another one for not seeing MGB, not seeing MG until the WLR&RR tour, not seeing any shows again until the LOES tour, and missing the only tour I think I've missed since, the IMNW one, which would've been my opportunity to hear some deep cuts from the BM days. I suppose I'm lucky to have been to any MG shows, considering how difficult it is for some of you stateside fans to catch a show. Gotta say, seeing the WLR&RR show at the Marquee was one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten, and perfect for my 19th birthday. Hundreds of people crammed into a smaller venue, broken beer bottles everywhere, singing along at the top of my lungs and not being able to hear myself with everyone else singing, seeing Matt Good and the band so close up that you could practically feel the sweat coming off them. Good times. Nothing like your first real concert, especially when it's MG. And although I've seen him in bigger venues, after seeing him in the same place for the CN tour, I can confirm the Marquee Club is still my favourite venue.
  2. It is a really moving song. I remember at the show I really got into the songs, just moving with the music. I remember during Los Alamos and a few other songs I was just kinda standing there swaying with my eyes half shut, I can imagine it looking like I was on drugs, but the only drug I was on was the music, man lol. Obviously Los Alamos represented a time in my life, and certainly other songs have too. Avalanche definitely did. I also enjoy taking walks with my headphones on. I remember one time becoming aware of the fact that I was basically marching along to Last Parade. To add to my list of six to make a top ten, I will add The Rat Who Would Be King, Bullets In A Briefcase (the latest addition), While We Were Hunting Rabbits and Suburbia.
  3. Could be a playlist of songs inspired by his "muse" that he mentioned on Instagram. Then again, he mentioned that most or all of his songs were sung to this one person, so I could be way off. It could just be that they all flow well together. Edit: Having listened to the Best of Last playlist, it does in fact flow very well together, and not just musically. I feel like it tells a story, and I may have been right. I won't analyze it too much, but I feel like the fact that the last line of On Nights Like Tonight "...I'll find a way to get to you" is followed by It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man isn't a coincidence. A lot of it flows well like that. Again, I could be wrong on this, and maybe I should just enjoy the songs. After all, it's not really any of my business.
  4. Great insight into the meaning. This song is amazing and seems destined for a spot on my top 10 list of favourite MG songs. I have a list of 6 in the Favourite MG Song thread, and this looks like it will be number 7. Picking the other 3 will be hard lol.
  5. Well, I agree with everyone in that it's hard to pick 1, or 10, or 100 lol. I was asked what my favourite song was (out of any artist) not long ago, and I knew it had to be a Matt Good song, but it was so difficult to choose one. I ended up going with Apparitions, I suppose partly because it was one more people would know. The truth is though that it is one of my favourites, despite the years of airplay and always being a concert staple to appease more moderate fans. I love the song musically (especially more recent live performances with Stu playing lap steel), Matt's vocals are great, and the lyrics are a great reminder of why I stopped and took notice of MGB over other artists at the time. "We're stuck inside our own machine" resonated with me then and still does. This song, along with Everything Is Automatic, is what got me hooked in the first place. I would have to say a few other songs share that top spot though. I've said both Born To Kill and Avalanche as faves before, and I think I would have to add Non Populus, House Of Smoke And Mirrors (" I've fallen asleep...been asleep for years" into the climax of the song just hits me emotionally speaking) and Los Alamos (speaking of songs that hit me, this one's like a gut punch, but in a good way lol. When I saw it performed live a few months after I had broken up with my girlfriend of nearly 5 years, it just perfectly encapsulated how I felt. "Used to be a part of me that never thought to doubt" often brings chills and/or tears). I could put a bunch more, but I don't want to put a top 25 when it's supposed to be one. Six is closer to one than 25, right lol? So yeah, in no order: Non Populus Avalanche House Of Smoke And Mirrors Apparitions Los Alamos Born To Kill
  6. I've really enjoyed this album front to back. I feel like it's a cohesive work. I'm not sure yet where I'd put it in album rankings. Bad Guys Win - Starts off strong with great drums/percussion and kind of a U2 feel. Decades - Band sounds very tight and it's got a really catchy riff. Men At The Door - Great acoustic based tune. I wonder if I'm the only one kinda reminded of Losing My Religion by REM. There The First Time - One of my faves on the album. Rocking song you can dance to. You can definitely feel the 80s new wave influence, love the synths. Days Come Down - Finding myself really enjoying this one. Great chorus. I really like the lyric "like the screaming of your firstborn/sounds like singing". Something Like A Storm - One of my faves, although I did use to feel the way other people felt, like it was building to something that never arrived. Repeated listens allowed me to appreciate it more and more as it is. Love the orchestral parts and overall feel. Kinda reminds me of Advertising On Police Cars. She's Got You Where's She Wants You - This has grown to be one of my faves. Someone mentioned it sounding like End Of The Innocence by Don Henley, and I agree. I would say it sounds like that mixed with Every Breath You Take by the Police. This Is Night - Nice to hear the music from The Lone Gunman demo used here. Soaring chorus that belies the darkness in the lyrics. Bullets In A Briefcase - A definite favourite. His voice right off the bat is fantastic. The part where the drums kick in remind me of Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead. Love the organs which remind me of early MGB. Brilliant build up to a more than satisfying conclusion. All in all, the type of slow burner that Matt has perfected over his career.
  7. Glad to see Bobcaygeon, Just, and Hurt. Love NIN but it's really the Johnny Cash version that pulls the heartstrings.
  8. *Comes out of hiding* Love the new album and can't wait for the 9th at the Marquee. It's the same venue that I first saw MG back in 2004 for the WLRRR tour. This will be my 4th MG concert. The opportunity to hear Police Cars, Carmelina, A Single Explosion and the new songs live will be a real treat.
  9. Rabbits was done with just Matt singing and the keyboard playing. Simple but powerful.
  10. Fearless Apparitions Prime Time Deliverance The Inescapable Us Suburbia Born To Kill Strange Days Advertising On Police Cars The Rat Who Would Be King Tripoli Truffle Pigs Flight Recorder From Viking 7 All Together Avalanche While We Were Hunting Rabbits Near Fantastica House Of Smoke And Mirrors We're So Heavy Empty Road Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 99% Of Us Is Failure Champions Of Nothing I'm A Window Last Parade Volcanoes Empty's Theme Park What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred? Zero Orchestra Non Populus
  11. Halifax setlist as best I can remember: While We Were Hunting Rabbits (fucking awesome, I don't think it's ever been played live before) Lights of Endangered Species Set Me On Fire The Boy Who Could Explode What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred? Load Me Up The Future Is X-Rated Shallow's Low Born Losers Zero Orchestra Apparitions Weapon Non Populus Giant Hornets It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man Great show. The new stuff translates well live with just the band.
  12. 1) Weapon 2) Sort of a Protest Song 3) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 4) Suburbia 5) Avalanche 1) Man of Action 2) Near Fantastica 3) Prime Time Deliverance 4) The Rat Who Would Be King 5) Advertising on Police Cars
  13. 1) Avalanche 2) Advertising on Police Cars 3) Suburbia 4) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 5) The Rat Who Would Be King
  14. Round 4 Group A 1) Suburbia 2) Advertising on Police Cars 3) Empty's Theme Park Round 4.5 1) We're So Heavy 2) All Together 3) Truffle Pigs 4) Volcanoes
  15. Round 2.5 1) Volcanoes 2) Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 3) Champions of Nothing (Massey Hall) 4) Truffle Pigs Round 3.5 1) I Miss New Wave 2) House of Smoke and Mirrors 3) A Boy and His Machine Gun 4) We're So Heavy
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