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    Well, I like music. Quite alot. I like all forms of music, but in particular i would have to say rock (what ever happened to "& roll" anyway?). I play guitar, drums, bass guitar, tuba, trumpet, keyboards, baratone, trombone, saxaphone.......well you get the idea. I'm a lazy bum, generally only moving to grab a new guitar, my favorite being my silver stratocaster. I also try to be funny, but I generally just confuse people. Well thats basically all there is to know about me.
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  1. I hate to start just making demands on people who got the VIP buuuut I can't help myself..... Would anyone ask if he would do a "Rooms part 2" recording, reworking some other songs acoustically again?
  2. Not a bad album, but in my fanboy opinion it could have been more. It exposes a notable weakness. While a snare on 2 & 4 is easy and always works... Just way too much of either: Kick drum on " & 1... 3 & " or " 1 ... & 3 " The songs that don't rely on these bits as much tend to be the ones I like more on this album and most albums lately. I fully admit though, it is a tough habit to break out of if you aren't a consummate drummer, though... Which Blake is! ...But so is Ian Browne...except in the band Matt obviously gave him the space to fuck around. Giant is a fine example of it. (and on the Live At Massey Hall recording Blake rips it up because he easily could seeing as how he's a beast) Listen, and the aforementioned kick drum patterns aren't as prevalent. As a matter of fact ALL of live takes of the songs from Hospital Music (in my opinion, of course) on said live album benefit GREATLY from just a lil' extra scoop of kick drum, snare hits and ghost notes, etc... Just put up a playlist of the hospital music tracks done on the Massey Hall recording. That's the Hospital Music I personally listen to. Give it a try... Speaking of Blake though...His vocals on this album are truly top notch. For the first time in Matt's career I would say that he has a clutch backup vocalist I would miss if he couldn't be on tour or on an album. His vocals might be my favourite part of the album, overall. I do declare that if you take the best couple of songs from this album with a few of the best songs off Chaotic Neutral it fights for his best solo album. I think that brings up interesting questions in regards to the benefit of doing more "specialty tours" such as Beautiful Midnight or acoustic tours to play uncommon songs. More time to cherry pick the best songs over time vs. more albums with all songs over said time will always be an endless debate. Regardless, Matt still puts out great albums no matter how I want to nitpick it. He proves with every release that I knew there was something special about this guy ever since I heard Everything Is Automatic on the radio back in grade school on a drive home from a leafs game. Still stands as one of the first times I heard a song and went "this is what a great song should be" and he still does it to this day. Inspirational! That's all for my blabbin'!
  4. For ages, in Windows Media Player when Beautiful Midnight loaded up and got track info, the credits for "Load Me Up" composers would always say Christie Priske instead of Rich Priske. The guy playing pedal steel guitar on Blue Skies and Hopeless on WLRRR is actually the guy who plays guitar with Neko Case, Paul Rigby. The song Long Way Down started off from the drums on the (fantastic) Comfortable Criminals song but I think most people knew that. I heard the song "Dusk" was just something that Matt did on the spot in the studio while sitting around mixing the newer In A Coma tracks The first notable studio appearance of Stu on any album I can find is on the first solo album of the Crash Test Dummies singer. Blake plays the drums on the first Edwin solo album with all those massive hits. I don't think Matt has released a song with a 7/4 time signature at any point ever. On the song House Of Smoke And Mirrors you hear Matt say at 3:26 "ah that was good" I think in response to a bass run but who knows. The cool drum sound on the song Near Fantastica when they first come in and do the cool abrupt tom hit fills can be re-created with heavy compression followed by a gate if anyone cares to try. That's all I can think of.
  5. I just want to hear Tiger By The Tail at the first Toronto show.
  6. I got tickets for the 1st Toronto show in a groupon deal. I didn't even know you could get concert tickets with a groupon..I got a burger and a poutine for $5 the day before, haha.
  7. Cool video, and full of classic downtown 'shwa! I think it's not the first time he's at least attempted a video here in Oshawa. I remember hearing he was doing a video for Near Fantastica way back when at Camp Samac right by where I am.
  8. What you don't understand is that with Warne Livesey, he only needed 30 seconds to finish the song. He is just THAT good...
  9. Awesome, I bet that it is excellent. I think it'll help break up the recording/touring new material cycle he has been going at for a while. Kind of like how the greatest hits/acoustic disc to me at least kicked things off in a new direction. Could even be some cool guests. Get Jonny Greenwood on it, spare no expense!
  10. Yup, for sure. Avalanche, WLRRR as well as AoD are simply great records and all unique in their own way just jam packed full of greatness. And often the ones I will suggest people to listen to (after Underdogs of course haha).
  11. officially retitled to "We Have Done This Before, We WON'T Do This Again" Good call on giving them the chop, though. If I were to think aloud on here, I would even cut another 1 or 2 and keep it nice and tight. The songs seem so dense already (just add Warne in there and it's another world) that it seems like just an overwhelming amount of stuff to absorb sonically for anything more that 45 minutes. But of course stuff gets minimized or chopped up in production so it's a whole new ballgame. Less is more they say. I still wish Hospital Music was paired down to 10 songs. it has it's "sound" and it's great but with as much of it as there was I felt it lost the sparse attitude that worked so well on most of it. I do love the hypothetical banter, though! Either way the songs making the cut are all good so it will be a fun one no matter what. Always cool to hear about it here first, though. I want to know who is going to be on it...although it seems like most of it's all figured out plus with Warne taking production control I imagine it will be Matt playing most of it with Pat on drums because he is an absolute drumming monster with his shiny bald head.
  12. Oh yeah, Pat Steward for sure! I'll even listen to Summer of '69 just because it's Pat! At the end of the day I pretty much just consider anyone he's done show or albums with part of "his band".
  13. Ryan Dahle, I wish he worked with him more! And by more I mean all the time and in a production combo with Warne Livesy! I thought Christian Thor Valdson was superb as well, although Dave Genn is simply an unreasonably good guitar player. The lead guitar player in my band and I just love his playing. We can both hum the entire change of season solo out loud! Hahaha. And of course Geoff Lloyd!!! What a great, groovy bass player...the 20th anniversary of LOTGA wouldn't mean a thing to me if it wasn't for that bass. She's Got A New Disguise, Radio Bomb and Symbolistic White Walls are prime examples of why he was the man. Myself and my friend played along to that whole album on bass start to finish all the time, hahaha. We would take turns playing along to it blasting it with his bass amp! R.I.P Geoff Lloyd...
  14. I pretty much couldn't agree more. It deservedly won a juno for best engineered record that year, I believe. It was playing everywhere I went for over a year because most of my friends love the living hell out of it as well. A good friend says it was his soundtrack for riding through the prairies on his motorcycle trip. It is hard to find an album that exemplifies perfection more so than I/O in sound, performance and uniqueness. It will always be a top 5 album for me. And my first introduction to the songs was also my first time seeing them live when they toured with MG. I'll always remember while hearing Fiercely Co-Dependent live that night I thinking "Why in the hell have I been happy with just having Tinfoil on Big Shiny Tunes" hahaha. Ryan Dahle is A++, and Kurt and Megan are also some of my favourite modern day musicians around. Funny how at the end of the day Todd Kerns is arguably more popular playing bass with Slash than I/O will ever be. No bashing, of course! Just a funny observation on how something so unbelievable can be so under appreciated.
  15. Ace tune, this should be the first track. Unless glockenspiel on a first song is too much like Avalanche... Should be huge with Warne producing. I wonder who will be making appearances on the tracks.
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