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  1. You can see the one crazy blonde woman in pt.1! I sneak in it as well.
  2. There were 2 older couples in question here. The one man looked like a mix of mr. drummond and ben franklin.haha. I hadnt noticed them until they walked up right next to me as soon as MG came on. I didnt think anything of it until they started shouting out "ODETTE!" and that triggered a memory from his last show at world cafe when they were there as well screaming for that same song! It was interesting though as they were making out with each other and rubbing on each other EVEN WHEN THERE WASNT MUSIC PLAYING! I think they said they were from jersey and are going to the new york show. So new yorkers' beware! lol
  3. The Philadelphia show was fantastic. Like the others have said 99% of us is failure was a great moment. He sat down on the edge of the stage right in front of me and my girlfriend so it was pretty surreal. That made dealing with the weird old drunken swingers next to us on the floor , dirty dancing to every song and yelling out"odette" after every song , worth it alone. Lol
  4. What merch is he selling on this us your? Just wondering how much money I'll need to bring!
  5. Yeah, it really sucks that I got into collecting a few years ago. I've had a few chances on eBay a year or so ago to get it for the small price tag of 100$ but it didn't happen. So if you happen to find a copy please let me know!
  6. I'm looking to buy a copy as well. Name your price within reason. Will trade as well. I've got a copy of the pj20 vinyl for instance
  7. I love sigur ros. Svefn-G-Englar is probably the most beautiful song ive ever heard. Never had the pleasure of seeing them live yet. I have Jonsi's solo album and its pretty good, "Grow till tall" is the saving grace off that album.
  8. well obviously we dont share a love for vinyl. Yeah there's the collectible factor, but for me its mostly the chance to listen to it ,in my opinion, the best way.
  9. thats unfortunate. I'll keep hoping something comes out eventually, but its a shame.
  10. I'm a huge Matthew good fan, and its very frustrating that he doesnt release more albums on vinyl. Does anyone know if there was plans of releasing H.M or any other MGB or solo albums?
  11. yeah same here. ive been searching everywhere for an avalanche poster.
  12. Hey, anyone who has extra or would like to part with one? Im looking for the glossy type. thanks
  13. just got back from the show in Philly... it was incredible! Here's the set list I can remember (in no particular order) The Boy Who Could Explode Great Whales of the Sea Born Losers Odette Champions of Nothing ( Encore) Weapon It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man Last Parade Apparitions Giant (Encore) ....I think there was one more I can't remember.
  14. so i'm fairly new at record collecting, about a year and a half, and live in the US... so Its pretty impossible to find a copy of Avalanche around since its long out of print. It looks as if it won't be repressed anytime soon. so if anyone has any extra copies to spare i'd really appreciate it.
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