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  1. I am a Canadian and I think that I know way more about american politics than canadian politics. I work in the movie business and I was asking the Americans on the set if they were going to vote. One of them replied "vote for what?" and another said "I'm not a registered voter" and they are well into their 40s. Yet another person said "I'm voting for Bush. Let him finish what he started. He's only got a couple more countries to invade anyway" totally serious. I can't believe that there are still people who don't vote when the information is so readily available and in their face all the time. If you live in a country like the US which has so much impact on the rest of the world, you have to at least try and have a say in what goes on. Frustrating really.
  2. Well ok maybe he didn't teach me everything but I was sure in the dark about a lot of issues before I started reading his blogs. Sure they are the oppinion of just one man but they really make a person think. Anybody else feel this way?
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